Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SeaOtter report part #2

Well SeaOtter was crazy too say the least , lack of sleep and 14+ hour days for 2 weeks up to the day we left didn't make Brad a very happy camper but we got the bikes done and the moter home all packed up.
I want to thank Kris, Josh , Dave, Joe@covic racing , Mitsu@KOWA Japan , Len @ Hayes , Brandi and Jeff @ I9 and everyone else who helped us get to SeaOtter this year I really apperciate all the hlp and support .
Here are some pic's from the booth , the one thing i forgot to do was take pic's during the weekend so if there anyone out there with pic's of our booth , New Seat Line and anything else Nem-Pro related please send em in and I'll get them posted ASAP

Photos courtsey of Ride,Dont Walk and EastBayRich from MSDHW

Well the BIG news this year at SeaOtter is we have started working with KOWA suspension from Japan.
Mike and I are both running KOWA forks , I9 wheels and Hayes Brakes this season

The 160SS air forks from KOWA we are rideing this year feature a new CNC crown detail , from my understanding we were the first people to recieve these from the factory in Osaka.

We built mike up a new 4in Double Agent , 4x race frame this bike looks soo good in the RAW color with the KOWA forks.

We also debuted a new bikes this year at SeaOtter the Deathmobile 135mm, Mini 16" and the TailGunner All mountain bike .
Here's a shot of the mini 16" with one of our new Royal SL seats

We also brought the KidRobot Fixie out to show everyone what all the hype was about , Arleigh got some fantastic pic's of the bike , even with our photo runining RED tent .


Arleigh said...

it was good meeting you! Thanks for the link up.

feebly said...

Hello Mr. brad.
Thank you for introducing my Blog/ride and don 't walk.
It looks forward to Japan's come to being able to buy Trail gunner.