Thursday, September 29, 2011

New bike dreams - Delivered to you by NemPro !

Customers always make issues with small companies about deliver times , but not even Boeing can deliver they state of the art Dreamliner 787 aircraft on time with basically unlimited funds and resources .

On thing I try to do for any of my customers who live close enough is personally deliver a your to you .
Last friday I had the opportunity to this for 2 customers Axle and Dylan .

TONY picked up our last 55cm Trackfighter

Dylan owns another pretty nice NemPro and wanted a custom BMX frame from us , so I was happy to help.
This is the second Nem-Pro 20" out there , these are super limited !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NEW Nemesis Project "Bloody Reaper " T's now IN-STOCK !

Pictured are our new Bloody Reaper T shirts now in stock at the WEBSTORE !!!
For $20.00 + shipping , all orders shipped the following day !

Here's a shot sent to us by our friend and world famous rock star Mickey Avalon !
Get your's now kid's !

Sluggo New for 2012 !

Here's a quick rundown on the new product offerings from us here at Nem-Pro for 2012 .
Were not ones to sit around being unproductive so expect to see more new products shortly but for now this is the new new .
( No I did not learn how to levitate like David Blane , the Sluggo is supporting my 170lbs of dead weight at the rear drops with no axle or support installed )

Sluggo -
Allot of work when into this frame , allot of work that will never show on the outside and we like it that way !
The Sluggo Nem-Tek and Sluggotherm both feature new proprietary tubes that we had manipulated to our spec's by a outside vendor . We wanted to move away from using off the shelf tubes that so many hobby builders and fly by night brands now have access too . The Sluggo represents the strongest FGFS frame we can build here at Nem-Pro !

Featuring :
- *Sluggo quad butted custom drawn tapered toptube

-*Custom tapered single butted ( NemTek ) and double butted ( Sluggo-therm ) seatstays

-Internal seattube gusset to strengthen frame @ seattube / seatstay area for 360’s , nose pivots and other aggressive FGFS tricks

-Open 14mm or fully closed 14mm dropout options .

-*U shaped chainstay and Box gusset designed for 2.35″+ tire size .

-*Available in Full NemTek or Sluggo-therm.
Sizes : 45cm / 50cm / 53cm
Sluggo-therm $750
NemTek $700
Colors – raw , white , trans red
*NemPro Proprietary tubes and materials
Available now at Nem-Pro Webstore

Sluggo - Tapered toptube 1 3/8 tapered to 1 1/8 similar to a baseball bat .
This is were the "sluggo" name comes from .

Sluggo Development pic's

Nemesis Project Summer tour -

Recently we took the team out for a summer trip out to Yosemite National park .
The trip was a outstanding success with one of the best crew ever !
Our new team had time to ride together and film one of the sickest edits on terrain never seen by FGFS before .
The crew consisted of the following riders after a few last minute changes due to a few of the team guys not being able to make it out for work reason .
Andy Sparks
Ronnie Govoruhk
Kenny "hellachunky" Chuong
Matt Dizon
Cody Thompson
Brad Hodges
Alberto Fox

The trip was supported by FatLace , DVS and S.P.S wholesale without the support from these companies this trip would not have been possible . Please follow these links and show them your support !

I will be posting Tour reports and photo's from the trip over the next few days so check back frequently .
One of the new toys the entire team seemed to be obsessed with is the Iphone APP Instagram
Follow us @

Here are a few of my favorite Instagram shots from the trip .

Brad in Tahoe

Alberto in action !

Brad's Steveland Cleaner S.L

Nem-Pro bike parking at Lower Yosemite falls

Andy and Matt playing around on a rock .

Andy and Kenny Chillin , DVS represent !

Kenny Rocking his new Nem-Pro Bloody Reaper Tank !

Big changes @ NemPro

First I must apologize for the lack of Blog updates , for day to day updates on everything Nem-Pro please check out our Facebook Page or follow me on Istagram @Brad4130

First off the big big news is all about our new Webstore !
There's been allot of talk online about deliver times recently not just our brand but it seems like every small company is getting attacked this year over delivery times . Due to these concerns we have changed the ordering process here at Nemesis Project cycles . All product listed on the webstore is IN-STOCK available for next day shipping !
We will still be taking orders for custom frames via Email , all orders received will be started on the 1st of the following month and completed in a 30day delivery time .
Please take a second to check out the new Big Cartel site !!

Reaper Components -
I have started a component company with two business partners called Reaper Components Everyone involved in this project are very excited about the product we have coming out .
The first series of products are our new Reaper hubs ( pictured below )
These hubs are loaded with new features and spin smooth all day long !
Check out the Reaper Facebook page for all the latest product and Team updates .