Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Dirty Beaver

Nemesis Project is hittin the road this summer , we have officially purchased the rolling wreck pictured above this beauty of late 70's era craftsmanship ( 1977 to be exact ) just can't be seen these days ( Yea cus they all died long ago ) , thus making this a true 70's classic (Yea try to swallow that load of crap! ).
The Dirty Beaver as it has affectionately been named by the Nem-Pro team will be making it's debut at SeaOtter ( another dirty beaver ) April 18-20th.
I'm really looking forward to taking this beast to some races this season ! Oh and if anyone wondering the Beaver has a DODGE small block 360 , came with 69K original miles and has been used for Questionable runs to and from south of the boarder local's according to the lady who originally sold it to a good friend of mine .
all i gotta say is Nem-Pro got the sick Team whips

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