Thursday, May 29, 2008

FatLace , Hella flush car show !

The guys over at FatLace are have a car show on the 26th of July .
We should have the .:R32 out there , mark your calendars and come by it's going to be a fun day!

In other FatLace news big congrats go out to Cindy and Mark on the birth of their second Daughter , so cute ! congrats also go out to Brooklyn on becoming a new big sister !

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trip Part#5 Rally through the Redwoods !

I know I'm around 2 weeks late with this post but after getting back from my trip I had allot of work to catch up on.
Here's the last report from my Road Trip up to Oregon and back down the coast .
Tuesday after getting my car back from Lithia VW and my prolonged detail stop at the Astro Jet I was finally back on the road. Josh had made it home safely the night before and after the oil pan fiasco I decided I needed a little vacation so i took HWY199 from Grants Pass Oregon down to the California coast .
I had to get fuel in Grants Pass ,I stopped at the Chevron off the 199 in GrantsPass during the time it took me to walk in and pay the attendant the toothless youth working out front took it upon themselves to clean my windshield for me I guess my car wasent clean enough for her. As I was walking out I might have been overly harsh with her explaining how i had just spent close to two hours detailing the car , I finished up the windshield for her and proceeded to fill my car up with real 92 Octane , guess there a law in Oregon your not allowed to fill you own car up after the windshield I wasent letting them touch the .:R again so I took care of business and left quickly ! The 199 is also called RedWood HYW and winds thought some of the nicest countryside Oregon has to offer , it also passes the Oregon caves near the town of Cave junction.
Along the way I stopped in the metropolis know as Wonder , OR to get some snaks
After my stop in Wonder OR , I was starting to get a little homesick for familiar ground I was happy to be out of Oregon!

After crossing the boarder in to California I found some really nice twisties to have some fun on for a few runs
after a quick rally stop on the twsties I got back on the road and headed tward the coast . There nothing more beautiful than the Pacific !
Just below this vist point is one of my favorite beaches , it's a grey sand beach at Lagoon valley road.
So I stopped and went for a short Hike to go find a nice spot for lunch, wile i was eating i noticed there were SeaSnailsall over the place too bad I'm not French !
Just outside Klamath, Ca there's a place called Tree's of Mystery , it a tourist stop and outside they have a giant Paul Bunyan and Babe , his big Blue OX .
If you have ever driven this section of the 101 I'm sure you remember seeing this .
Wile stopping for this pic i got eyed up pretty hard by what appeared to be German tourist ( i travel allot and YES they like the Sweeds stick out like as I'm sure we do over there )
Needless to say as i was leaving i held it down for Deutschland pretty hard , all the way to 4th when I glanced back they looked pleasantly amused!

After this it was starting to get late so I rolled into Arcata just in time to stop by Revolution cycle everyone at Revolution are super cool and they ended up picking up a few stems from us so if you live in the Arcata area stop in and grab a stem and whatever else you might need!
Thanks to Revolution , I was able to get a hotel and a good dinner , after the oil pan my available funds were starting to get dangerously low ! The next morning I went for a quick ride in the Arcata Community forest it was a really good time but I needed to get back on the road . I had along trip ahead of me that day.
Avenue of the giants is a road that runs next to Hwy 101 and has a ton of huge tree's on it

I stopped for a second to take some photos of the .:R32 next to some trees that were bigger than my car !

Further down Avenue of the Giant's there is a Drive through Tree!
I have wanted check out this Drive through Tree ever since I bought the .:R32 a little over 2 years ago .
This one is off of the Avenue of the Giants someplace around Leggett . Wile I was stopping here i spoke with the guy who runs this tree theme park and found out there are 2 other Drive Through Tree's , one a few hundred miles back up the road in Klamath near Trees of Mystery , were I had just been the day before , and the other wasent far from his park so heck 2 drive through tree's in one day I'm in!

There's a few other cool things at this Tree Theam park for car , they have a Drive on Log and a Tree house , that sorta looks like something from the Berenstain Bears . Well thats if the Berenstain Bears Rolled a .:R32
I found the second drive through Tree , it isn't easy trying to take pictures of your car in a Redwood tree not allot of room to get out of your car and snap the pic .
Wile I was taking pictures of the .:R32 in the Chandler Tree some Chinese tourist commented that they really liked the .:R32 and asked if they could take a picture in front of it , so I took pictures of them taking pictures in front of my car. On the way home i stopped at ClearLake to go swimming for a bit , it was super hot.

Last shot of the trip , Clearlake CA jsut before rolling into YUBA city and waiting for well over an hour to get food at a SONIC seems like all the youth of YUBA city find it funny to hang out at the sonic on a Wednesday night and order food in the drive up spot , you kids really need to get cars !
After waiting for over an hour to get a grilled cheese and a chicken wrap I was over it and drove Hwy 99 home .

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nem-Pro + Groove = a really Kick ass bike !

Aaron Groove just sent us over these pic's of his kick ass bike , Aaron built this frame himself with a little help from his Dad who is a very famous bike builder in his own right . I really like Aaron's bikes and he has always been a super supportive guy so I hooked him up with some new Weezy Jefferson bars , Stem and one of our newAlacantara leather covered pivotal seats. Aaron hooked the Weezy's up with the same custom paint he set his bike up with and all I can say is WOW that bike kicks ass!
Great Job Aaron !


Monday, May 19, 2008

Current in stock list

Current stock list of products is :
Stems $80

BARS $50-$65 + shipping
Weezy Jefferson 3.25 rise
2.60 Rise Street bar
Availible colors pictured
3.25" weezy 's
Mint , Gloss Black , White , BBQ black , Trans RED and vicious blue
Mint , white , BBQ black , Gloss black , Trans RED

Strip logo on front , stepped logo on lower right rear
American Apprel 100% cotton tee , made in U.S.A. $25ea.
Currently ALL SOLD OUT! Front BACK
(please note : AmericanApparel T's are more form fitting and genrally run smaller than most Tshirts we suggest going a size up on these if you are no familier with AA's product sizing )
Normal T-shirt 100% cotton ( imported) $20
Only small currently availible $15ea ON SALE !!
Front Back ( Note: these are normal gildan T-shirts , loose fitting standard sizing )

Nemesis Project Team Track Jacket $85
( out of stock this week , please email me for status on our next run of these )

If your intrested in placing a order for any of the proucts listed above pleaseEmail me Thank you for the support


Friday, May 16, 2008

Nemesis Project X Bloc-28 in BMX Museum !!

Due to a small internal leek at Disney the Bloc-28 bmx crusier is now on BMX Museum so go check it out .
More pic's after the official Bloc-28 launch

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Road trip : part #4 The .:R32 VS the rock

Monday after Josh and I left Talent park , we decided to drive up to the top of Mt. Ashland to look over the valley.
On the way up there were allot of rocks on the road and after dodging several of them in the .:R32 I decided to try to straddle one ... next thing I hear is BAMM , I can see smoke blowing out the rear of the car and there's a visible trail of liquid behind me as I'm driving up.
Luckily we wernt far from the top , so I was able to turn the car off before any check engin lights or low oil pressure warnings came on.
What I saw after getting out of the car was really scary 6 quarts of Castrol Synthetic ! at this point I knew I had punched the oil pan and wasent going anywear soon!
After sending Josh home I went into the MT. Ashland Ski Lodge and called VW roadside assistance !
Norm's towing to the rescue !

I have never been so happy to see a flat bed in my life , Norm's towing came up with one of their new 70K$ GerrDan trucks to help get the .:R32 out safley a few seconds later Norm had the .:R32 all locked down and and we were outta there ! I had the .:R32 towed into Lithia VW in Medford the tech who was working on my car even stopped by our booth Saturday during the XC race . So I hooked him up with a T-shirt for taking care of my baby for me .
Here a shot of the oil pan , and a closeup of the damage

After getting the .:R back Tuesday morning went directly over to the local Astro Jet and proceeded to post up in one of their wash bays for well over an hour , I hooked the .:R32 up with the wash and full 5 point detail W/ 2 coats of pure carnuba .

After this 2 day ordeal I decided I owed it to myself to take a lil vacation and drive down the coast throught the Redwoods
Stay tuned for Road Trip : part#5 Brad's Vacation pic's !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Road Trip: Part #3 Josh has Talent

I like to introduce a new member of the Nem-Pro crew Josh Moreno !

Josh has been helping out here at Nem-Pro for a wile now , wile being a super positive and supportive person Josh is also a straight ripper ! We built him a new DeathMobile135 for SeaOtter and Josh and been killing it on this bike ever since !
Peep these pic's from monday afternoon at Talent park just to be clear this is the real Talent park not to be confused with Talent East A.K.A. the other Talent park Sorry Garson
Hip jump , view from the big bowl out into the park

Fufanu on the big wedge

Hip jump , view from the park into the big bowl


Road trip : Part #2 my adventure at Siskiyou cyclery

After arriving up in Ashland Oregon for their yearly spring thaw race I noticed I had forgotten something important , the rear wheel to my Double Agent bike . So after Saturday's XC race Josh and I went over to see Jeff and Sam at Siskiyou cyclery . Upon our arrival at the shop we discovered that Jeff and Sam had my new wheel all ready to go , laced up tight with a new road cassette and Hayes disk rotor , Big props go out to Jeff , Sam and the crew over at Siskiyou for running a tight ship and have everything I needed in stock ready to roll!
Next time your in Ashland I suggest stopping into Siskiyou cyclery it has been one of my favorite shops for a long time , when we stopped in there were some cool vintage items I could not help but too notice like this older Klein Rascal they even had the poster version of my favorite Klein ad featuring Darrell "big bunny" Voss bunnyhopping a log straight out , along with a poster of my favorite moment in cycling Lemond's Tour win against Fignon Greg might be sporting the Oalkey blades but you can still see the fire in his eyes , he really wanted that win and it shows !
After leaving Siskiyou we went back to the hotel and got ready for Sunday's DH race in all the confusion of getting my bike ready that morning i forgot my camera .
Ashland local Jarred Hobbs won and also layed down a new corse record with a time of 4:16.65 , thats really fast for that trail, we also gave away a new Secret Agent frame to Sam Markling the winner of Hartail DH who threw down a time of 4:43.58 ON A HARDTAIL! ( if anyone knows Sam , or Sam if your reading this please Email me so we can get your frame powdercoated for ya!
Stay tuned for road trip part #3 Josh in Talent !

Monday, May 12, 2008

Any good jumps in Sac?

I'm always asked this question , are there any good jumps in SAC ? My answer who knows? Jumps on private land and backyard or indoor pump tracks rule the scean now all of the good spots have been torn down long ago 12 acres , the orchard and many many other spots ( not too be mentioned ) have all been plowed . People aint stupid and most of the talented builder's have long since gone underground , I'm not gonna blow up anyone's home spot here on my blog but all I'm gonna say is YES there still good jumps in SAC you just gotta be invited to the spot . The pictures below were taken at a undisclosed location so don't ask cus I'm not telling !
Josh , huge tuck @ height and a classic no-footed can , Josh is rocking a new Deathmobile135 if you look closley you might also notice a very slick Nem-Pro Royal S.Lpivotal in grey Alcantara suede .

Josh mid spin three

Here's a shot of Dave with a no footed one hander , my fault on not snapping this 2 sec earlier .

SeaOtter covrage !

Take a second to check out these 2 web blogs who have short features on Nemesis Project , Jason from I hate bikes came by our booth at SeaOtter It's always good to see Jason , his story on SeaOtter is very well wrighten and he has some kind words to say about us and our new KOWA suspension forks on his site !
BikeDaily from Japan also ran a short story on us , photos from the artical are posted below .


Saturday, May 10, 2008

David Desones .. 3rd at Fiat FISE !

Nemesis Project cycles is very happy to announce team rider David Desones has placed 3rd the Fiat FISE slopestyle contest in Montpellier, France this past weekend aboard his new Nemesis Project Deathmobile 135 .
David's run's consisted of a solid bag of tricks including multiple backflip's , tailwhips landed soild and a very sick 360 stuck clean from the 5 meter drop. Nemesis Project is very proud to be supporting David this season !

Here's a Youtube clip of David second run ... ripper!


New Product spotlight : Macneil Conjoined cranks

Our good friend Dacry from Macneil bmx sent us over a set of their new conjoined cranks for the Disney Bloc-28 bike .
I'm really impressed with these cranks and the quality of all the Macneil products I have seen , so if your in the market for a new set of cranks go check these out they rock !


Road Trip : part #1

Last week Josh and I made the trip up to Ashland Oregon for their Spring thaw bike festival.
We left Friday after grabbing the EZ-up tents and some product from the shop and some food , beer and supplies left over from SeaOtter stashed in the moterhome .
After the usual craziness of trying to get out of town we hit the road and drove into the night , Stopping for fuel someplace around Lake Shasta.
Finally rolling into Ashland late Friday night .
Here's a few shot's of the booth from Saturday in Lithia park on Saturday during the XC race . .
The bikes looked really good with the new seat samples and 3.25 Weezy bars in Tight White ! , here's a shot of Josh's Deathmobile 135 and Brad's Streetfighter

We had the new Weezy Jefferson 3.25 Movin on up bar on display , everyone seemed to love the sick mint color.

Stay tuned for part #2