Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Patrick Branch photos from SeaOtter

Patrick Branch sent us over a series of photos he shot recently at the SeaOtter classic , Pat was kind enough to do a feature shoot at the Nemesis Project booth. You may have seen some of these shots in his gallery on the Ridemonkey web forums.
I hope everyone out there enjoys Patrick's work as much as we do here at Nem-Pro he's a very talented young photographer with a very bright future ahead of him .

The big news this season if you haven't herd already is were riding KOWA suspension were also receiving support from Industry Nine and HAYES disk brakes , here are a few shot's of our bikes with the Kowa forks , Hayes Strokers and I9 wheels our bikes are rolling on top kit this yoear as the brit's would say!

This is a shot of the new TailGunner all mountain prototype , and one of the new bike displays we built for SeaOtter.

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