Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chas has a new bike -

Last week Chas won the custom Triple Triangle frame I made for the Rad MAssaker race . I had to stop by the city to help get this rolling last saturday and afterward Chas sent me this photo wile out on a ride , bike looks great man !
Big thanks go out to the kind folks over at BOX dog bikes for letting us use their work stand to get the frame rolling !
Also check out TCB courier if your even in the city and need something delivered , you might just have your lunch, dinner or gourmet veggie snack delivered by this very bicycle !

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rad MassaKer 10 - Done right !

Yesterday was the annual RadMAssaker race out in Berkley put on by Blake and Ryan and they did a amazing job this year!!!
I have to say this is the most legit fixed gear race I have ever attended !!
Weather in the mid 60's and sunny , great corse layout , impeccable planning , a race Tshirt you wanted to wear, end of race BBQ with real food and pretty much 0 problems or complaints that I saw all day long = a perfect day !

People starting to show up about an hour before the start , I had to leave early to get up to my checkpoint so I missed the start of the race.

We donated a custom Triple Triangle frame for the winner -
Not sure who was going to win this with Walton out of town for the summer and I didn't see Daniel at the start so I was still hoping someone showed up with hopes of adding another one off custom to their bike collection.
I drew some severed body parts on it with colored sharpie's , sorta the theme of the race.

My checkpoint was located at a organized protest against Arnold's cut's of assisted home care for disabled residents of Californian called Arnieville. Really messed up when you think about it some of these people can't leave their homes and now the states cutting their medical care coverage .
They had a giant Arnold erected in the middle of one of the major street in Berkeley with a semi permeant tent city for the protesters .

The requirement for the stop was to draw a severed body part on the ground with colored chalk , after people started making the stop look like a slasher porno flick the protesters saw the drawings and got a little upset .

The finish BBQ was the best part -
Prize table fully stocked .
Another shot of the bike and Blake manning the grill in the backround.
The grill yes thoes are all bacon cheeseburgers !

In the end a great time was had by all and Chas won the bike - first fixed , first mens finisher on a beater bike with flat bars and no grips . Enjoy the new frame man you earned it !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Triple triangle frame 54.50cm $750


One off Nemesis Project Triple Triangle pursuit frame , gloss black color
Frame features include - Integrated 45x45 headset
Euro bb
D shaped deddcchi downtube
TrueTemper double butted toptube ,
Nem-Pro externally butted seattube
Tapered rear stays and a custom double seatpost clamp.
54.50ST x 55.50 TT

This is a custom one off frame intended for Go fast use , not tricks . Please Email me! directly if you have any question our would like to purchase this bicycle frame.

Frame still available !