Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year -2011 !

I haven't been on Blogger for a wile and I apologize , we have allot of new products and bikes on the way on 2011.
For thoes of us that don't follow us on FaceBook Please LIKE us for all the daily updates .

As a teaser here's a shot of Pepe's new Prototype TrackFighter REV-2

Monday, September 13, 2010

New bike !

Here's a shot of the Touring bike I made for myself over the summer , I think it came out looking great and riding even better !
As always I could have not put such a perfect bicycle together without a little help from my friends -
Big thanks go out to Aaron Huff @ Solid for making some of the smaller details a reality , Steve Rex for brazing in my bottle bosses cus were only a tig and powder shop and I'd burn my house down if I had a torch , My amazing employee Joe for throwing down the sick stainless beads on this one ! , Sherwood and Teresa @ Ventana !! , Advanced Composites / Wound Up for making me a super bad ass custom fork , Steve @ Euro Asia for taking all my crazy parts calls , Josh @ Bob's for fining me the NOS Flight seat , David and KAren @ Thomson for the support as always ! , KEith and MAtt at Bicycle Planet Folsom , Aaron Ryan and the entire crew over at PAcific Outdoor equipment for the support you products ROCK !!


Build list -
Frame - Custom Nemesis Project " World tour "
Fork - Wound up custom - all black
Headset - Nem-Pro 45x45 integrated
Stem - Thomson 100 x 10
Bars - Deda MAgic
Tape - Deda
Ends - S&M bar tabs
Shifters - DuraAce 7900
Cranks - Dura Ace 7900
BB - Chris King
Chain - Yumea
Rear Der - Shimano DuraAce 7900
Front Der- Dura Ace 7900
Seatpost - Moots Ti
Seat - Sella Italia Flight Gel Ti NOS
Seatclamp - NemPro stainless
Brakes - Bruce Gordon

Wheels :
Rims - DT TK540 ( mavic open pro pictured, not suggested for touring! )
Hubs - DT 240s
Tires - Vittoria
Rim tape - Velox
Tubes - specialized

Extra's :
RACK- Tubus COSMO stainless
Water bottle cages - King stainless
Panniers - PAcific Outdoor

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chas has a new bike -

Last week Chas won the custom Triple Triangle frame I made for the Rad MAssaker race . I had to stop by the city to help get this rolling last saturday and afterward Chas sent me this photo wile out on a ride , bike looks great man !
Big thanks go out to the kind folks over at BOX dog bikes for letting us use their work stand to get the frame rolling !
Also check out TCB courier if your even in the city and need something delivered , you might just have your lunch, dinner or gourmet veggie snack delivered by this very bicycle !

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rad MassaKer 10 - Done right !

Yesterday was the annual RadMAssaker race out in Berkley put on by Blake and Ryan and they did a amazing job this year!!!
I have to say this is the most legit fixed gear race I have ever attended !!
Weather in the mid 60's and sunny , great corse layout , impeccable planning , a race Tshirt you wanted to wear, end of race BBQ with real food and pretty much 0 problems or complaints that I saw all day long = a perfect day !

People starting to show up about an hour before the start , I had to leave early to get up to my checkpoint so I missed the start of the race.

We donated a custom Triple Triangle frame for the winner -
Not sure who was going to win this with Walton out of town for the summer and I didn't see Daniel at the start so I was still hoping someone showed up with hopes of adding another one off custom to their bike collection.
I drew some severed body parts on it with colored sharpie's , sorta the theme of the race.

My checkpoint was located at a organized protest against Arnold's cut's of assisted home care for disabled residents of Californian called Arnieville. Really messed up when you think about it some of these people can't leave their homes and now the states cutting their medical care coverage .
They had a giant Arnold erected in the middle of one of the major street in Berkeley with a semi permeant tent city for the protesters .

The requirement for the stop was to draw a severed body part on the ground with colored chalk , after people started making the stop look like a slasher porno flick the protesters saw the drawings and got a little upset .

The finish BBQ was the best part -
Prize table fully stocked .
Another shot of the bike and Blake manning the grill in the backround.
The grill yes thoes are all bacon cheeseburgers !

In the end a great time was had by all and Chas won the bike - first fixed , first mens finisher on a beater bike with flat bars and no grips . Enjoy the new frame man you earned it !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Triple triangle frame 54.50cm $750


One off Nemesis Project Triple Triangle pursuit frame , gloss black color
Frame features include - Integrated 45x45 headset
Euro bb
D shaped deddcchi downtube
TrueTemper double butted toptube ,
Nem-Pro externally butted seattube
Tapered rear stays and a custom double seatpost clamp.
54.50ST x 55.50 TT

This is a custom one off frame intended for Go fast use , not tricks . Please Email me! directly if you have any question our would like to purchase this bicycle frame.

Frame still available !

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trackfighter Plymouth .. official production frame photos

Derek came through this morning and picked up his new Trackfighter Plymouth .
this is the first of the production version of these frames , Derek was nice enough to snap these amazing pic's of his frame so everyone out there can see the details of this beautiful bicycle frame .

The Trackfighter set the fixed gear world on edge with it's progressive limited BB drop Geometry , often imitated but never duplicated.

Trackfighter "plymouth" frame is our most affordable production frame , constructed from 100% USA made 4130 chromoly made by Plymouth mills.
Features include -
Huge tire clearance
Stainless seatpost clamp - included
100% 4130 chromoly construction
45x45 campagnolo spec integrated headset
Heat-treated laser cut 3/16 rear dropouts designed for use with pegs
Internally reinforced chainstays for grinding .
Rounded seatstay bridge for better tire clearance
Laser cut gusset on the downtube at the headtube
Frame sizes available - 46cm / 48cm / 50.50cm / 52cm / 55cm
Frame geometry - 73' Headangle , 75' Seatangle , 395mm chainstay
Toptube sizes ( measured center to center ) - 46-50.50 = 55.5cmTT / 52cm = 56.0cmTT / 55cm = 57.0cmTT

Suggested retail price : $600-$650
Production frames will be arriving at dealers around July 15
Please Email me! if you are interested in purchasing one of these handcrafted bicycle frames. We are still accepting a few orders for these direct before they hit our dealers .


Friday, June 11, 2010

A very sick Quciksilver build

One of our more forgotten or overlooked production frames if you will is the Quicksilver , this is our production GO-FAST bike f you will but these frames do allot more than just go fast they can trick it out with the best of the dedicated FGFS frames out there as well as destroying the competition at your local velodrom or neighborhood ally cat race .
A custom Mike contacted me a few weeks ago , saying he was on his way home from service overseas and needed a new bike to replace his old fixed gear frame and wanted to pick up the last remaining Quicksilver frames we had in stock .
I made sure this bike was at his door within days of him arriving home and here are the pic's of the completed bike .

The build kit features Paul cranks , Mavic comic's and Moots seat post and Stem to achieve some serious drool factor over this very sick bike!
Great build Mike!!!


Trackfighter and MASH exhibit photos

Last week I had to drive down to L.A. to pick up a new custom made carbon hood for the .:R32 as well as dropping off a Trackfighter to a customer and stopping by CULT bmx to drop off some handlebars for our good friends over at SOLID bikes .

Our first stop was at Eurogear to grab my hood and to drop off a Trackfighter to our friend Charlie .
Here are a few pic's of Charlie getting his new ride .

Next stop after we went by Cult ( sorry no pic's of CULT BMXHQ ) were Rob-O and Neal Wood were working their asses off to help put another nail in Moeller's coffin. We were greeted with cold bottles of Gatorade and then promptly hooked up with some CULT gear ( I'm sporting the hat in the rest of the pic's .
Our next stop was the MASH tour De California exhibit on LaBrea at the Arkitip / Incase Project space .
This was a amazing gallery exhibit put together primarily by Garrett Chow who is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most talented creative directors in the cycling and design worlds today . I was super stoked to be able to check this out wile it was open .
Garrett also put together a new graphic's kit for the MASH / Cinelli frames their team has been riding for the past year +
this new graphic patter is a histogram pattern of one of the more notable MASH photos of the hills of SanFrancisco .
I got a small preview of this pattern a few weeks ago at the GLOBE 2011 product launch knew this was going to be a instant hit with consumers . From what the girl at the gallery said the limited edition MASH bikes with this sticker kit were in serious hot demand and there were people driving down to the gallery to make damm sure they got their frame.
They even had a 55cm built up as a complete on display - You know this was my size Garrett !!
Easily the only bike that isnt a Nem-Pro I would without question pick up if I had the available funds that day .

No more words - only pictures .

Garrett's bike - seriously bad ass !

Me messing with Garret's bike ... hahahahaha

The Histogram frames and kit's - soooo freaking sick , great job G !

Kit's - a new modern classic

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some completed Trackfighter's !!

Our new frame offering the Trackfighter has been selling very well , I must say Thank you to all who have rallied behind this product offering and made it one of the best selling Trick specific Track frame offerings on the market today .
I wanted to post up some pic's of recent builds by some of our customers these bikes really amaze me on how good they came out looking !

First up a retuning customer Dennis, his raw 50.50cm Trackfighter is set up with duel 26's and a nice set back rider position .
Great build D-nice !!!

Next up is Bradley's 48cm Trackfighter in trans red , pictured next to his son Jason's custom 520iso kids fixed gear .
2 of the best looking bikes I have ever built for some of the best friends a bike builder could ever have !

The pic's below are of Edgardo's custom 46cm Trackfighter , he opted for the lighter tapered rear end on his trans black colored frame .
His build features duel 700's and a very legit parts kit , great looking bike !

Last up is my new personal bike , this isn't really a trackfighter I worked on this project with Carl from Knarcotix and we dubbed this frame the "SteveLand Cleaner " cus it's the sh!t and were dropping this new type of bike on the industry .
This frame features a few new things were trying out as a company , the bike to my knowledge is the first duel 26" specific fixed gear freestyle bike .
the frame also features a few new gusset designs and other features were trying out .
Don't email me asking when these will be available , as they wont for any time soon these are PROTOTYPES and are currently being developed for future production models .
Pictured next to Carl's bike - there twins both born within minutes of each other mines about 5min older .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nemesis Project Trackfighter Plymouth

Here are the first official pic's of our new production frame the Trackfighter - Plymouth !
This frame is made from USA made Plymouth "Supermoly" straight gauge performance tubing .
Benefits from the use of this more affordable tubing are first and foremost price , this allows us to offer a Nemesis Project frame for much less than our more limited production custom frames . The downside is there is a slight weight increase over our nicer frame offerings . Frame geometry and tire clearance has remained the same as our higher end Teackfighter Supertherm and the new Zlog Trackfighter frames .

Please email us if your interested in purchacing one of these frames Email me!

Frame sizes available - 46cm / 48cm / 50.50cm / 52cm / 55cm
Frame geometry - 73' Headangle , 75' Seatangle , 395mm chainstay
Toptube sizes ( measured center to center ) - 46-50.50 = 55.5cmTT / 52cm = 56.0cmTT / 55cm = 57.0cmTT

Frame features - 100% USA made Plymouth supermoly construction , Fit's 700c x 40c tires or 26x 2.25" , Nem-Pro externally butted Fallopian seat-tube w/ hard-anodized 7075 insert , MID BB designed for BMX cranks , Integrated headset 45x45 standard , Laser cut rear dropouts , Laser gussets on downtube @ headtube , internally reinforced chainstays for grinding , PEG compatible .

A few more pic's -

More Trackfighter production pic's

Here are some pic's from the past week of our most recent production run of Trackfighter- Plymouth frames .

Friday, March 5, 2010

Frames for SALE !!!

We have some great deals on some remaining True-Temper Supertherm Quicksilver's and Trackfighter frames .
So if your looking to get rolling on a Nemesis Project frame at a great price now's your chance !!
These great prices wont last long as the new webstore is about to launch in the next week .

We are also offering our new Plymouth supermoly Trackfighter frames for $500 introductory offer , suggested retail will be $600.00
These are available in White , RAW and custom colors upon request .
The Plymouth Trackfighter frame features USA made Plymouth supermoly main tubes , Integrated 45x45 headset , MID BB standard. Frame accepts 40c+ tires front and rear , minimal BB drop for easier spins and quicker acceleration for big street tricks and polo sprints .

TrackFighter 700c "fixed gear freestyle" frame white 48cm Long Listed with free shipping for $750.00
Frame features : 45x45 integrated headset Spanish BB
Frame geo: 74.0HA , 75.00SA , 392.50mm chainstay , 48cm seattube , 59.00TT

Quicksilver track frame: 56cm frame size , gloss white w/ black decals listed at $750 w/ free shipping
Design as our flagship fixed gear frame offering the Quicksilver is at home crushing ally cat's and killing kitties conversion's from it's home in Sacramento all the way to Geneva Switzerland taking it's prize money straight to the bank . This handbuilt fixed gear frame was inspired by the 80's flick of the same name .
This frame features :
TrueTemper Supertherm main tubes
*NEW* Nemesis Project Externally butted fallopian seattube w/ bonded 7075 insert
45x45 internal standard headtube cnc machined
Nemesis Project cnc machined hooded MICRO DROPS
Tapered seatstays and chainstays


Secret Agent listed at $650.00 buy it now . The Secret Agent is our flagship MTB 4x frame refined and now available with ISCG 05 tabs
Designed as the perfect everyday DJ , 4x MTB the Secret Agent features a integrated der hanger rear dropout , True-Temper Supertherm and OX platinum tubeset , gusset's at the headtube on both the top and bottom downtubes
Frame geo : 22.75TT measured center to center / 70' Head-Angle / 70' Seat-Angle / 12" standover / 15.88" chainstay measured center to center

We also have a few set's of our Handlebars up for sale for $55.00 on SALE until the full webstore launches with the v2 bars .