Tuesday, September 25, 2007

08" Double Agent

New 08 " Double Agent in trans gun metal grey over raw
Marzocchi 55 TST and Roco-Air TST2 frame and fork kit's coming soon !

Nemesis Project Bar and Stem and new 08" Hayes Stroker Trail disk brakes !! ...Thanks Len !!

08" Marzocchi 55 TST and Industry nine goodness !

Monday, September 24, 2007

Streetfighter pic's from JJ

Here are some pic's JJ sent us of his original Streetfighter frame . I think these pic's were taken at the famous Kenter dirt jumps overlooking downtown L.A. !!
Great to see JJ's still riding this bike after 3 years , still looks as good muddy as the day I dropped it off !!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nemesis Project street stem IN STOCK !!

The NEW street stems are now in stock in all colors and sizes here at Nemesis Project cycles , we are very proud of this product .
Phil Wasson and his crew over at SuperRat Machine works did an amazing job on the CNC machines to makes these stems a reality .
Each stem is available with a hard anodized 7075 internal clamp reducer (+$10) , this allows you to run either standard MTB size bars 25.4mm OR standard BMX size bars 22.2mm.
Black is the only standard color , Green , Purple and URBN Camo are all Limited Edition colors #1-138 , that will only be done one time , once they are gone there gone and we move on to another color !
Each limited editon stem is laser etched with a serial #1-138

SPECS: reach 48mm , overall stack height 35mm , drop 10mm , weight 281g
Suggested retail / direct price is set at $90 and $10 for the reducers

Please contact us though the E-mail information contained at the top of the blog page if your interested in ordering one of these .
Wholesale pricing for bike shops also available.
LINK TO: Sicklines.com review of Nemesis Project Street Stem

Black Anodize

Green Anodize


Purple Anodize
( please excuse the off white background , this was the only way to show the bright vivid color of the purple anodize , without the white balance from the camera making it appear blue)

Friday fun .. Euro street racing !

BMW Z4 getting PWND! by Sir Henry in his HPA TwinTurbo VW .:R32

I love this video clip , the guy in the BMW (filming) pulls up on one of the fastest R32's in Europe and get's his A$$ handed to him proper !

Thursday, September 13, 2007

DefGrip.net / Mutiny Bikes win some grips contest ... I WON !

DEFGrip.net and Mutiny bikes recently did a grip give away on their site , all you had to do was be one of the first 50 people to Email mutiny and tell them were they went on tour last summer ... guess they forgot or something.

Well the answer was Toronto Canada and guess what I won !!! wile picking up the mail this morning i received this little package from the boys over at Mutiny !!! Big props go out to everyone at Mutiny bikes and DefGrip.net for having cool contest like this .

I was greeted by this lil surprise in my mail this morning.

Hey check it out FREE Mutiny grips !!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vote for Brian Miller on Rip TV

<'http://www.rip.tv/direct/embed/swf/em1.swf?v=2869' width='320' height='275' name='flashObject' allowFullScreen='true' allowScriptAccess='always' type='application/x-shockwave-flash'/>

Brian Miller is a local Nor-Cal ripper from the Mill Valley area , he has a video up on RIP.TV for the Dropin contest , everyone please go throw your votes down for this Nor-Cal local ripper !Link to Rip.TV Vote here
Brian will be reciveing support from MT.Tam bikes and Nemesis Project this year !

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Animal tags .. in nature ? Animal edition Giro helmet's ?

Kris our new sales rep also works for Northstat at Tahoe during the summer months and recently broke himself off on one of their new trails , so why the Animal tag you ask , to make the rock that took Kris out . If your riding Northstar keep an eye out for naturally occurring Animal tags !

I recently got a new Giro helmet from the guys at PricePointwho also happens to be a Nemesis Project dealer so give them a call for all your Nemesis Project product needs , they will be getting our new bars and stem in stock in the next few days !

Well NO helmet is complete without stickers , so here's another free plug for the guys over at ANIMAL Shane and Omar hook it up phat with the stickers in every order , so I got a bit crazy with the X-acto knife and a stack of Animal stickers , in the end I had my very own one off Animal edition Giro remedy helmet. .......check out the pic's below

I cut the pinstries through the Animal head logo stickers , this was the hardest part , had to keep a steedy hand .

Custom Animal pattern visor , pictured above

Monday, September 10, 2007

New pic's of Le French Mobile

We have gotten allot of nice comments on Yoann's Vicious blue custom French Mobile , well what was so custom you ask ? His Dethmobile was built so Yoann could run FLY bikes 2pc cranks ! The stays and B/B shell had to be much narrower than normaldue to the limited spindle width on the FLY cranks.
Here are the updated pic's of his bike with the Proper mangna TI rear cassette hub and FLY 2pc cranks.
Great looking Bike Yoann !!

New pic's of Ian's Secret Agent

SuperGrom Ian C from Qubec sent us these updated pic's of his Secret Agent !
Ian's rocking a full Nem-Pro built kit , Nemesis Project bar and stem , Tuned 06" Z-1 sport , Secet Agent frame, King headset and Atomlab wheels !!

Totaled supercars .... R8 destroyed off Moscow ring road

The Audi R8 is the fastest production Audi ever produced at a sug retail of $109,000K , well as with all supercars they get bought by idiots who dont know how to drive them and BAMM you get totaled supercars ! One of my hobbies on the web is finding pic's like these of totaled supercars . From what I can tell this Audi R8 was crashed off the Moscow Ring road in front of some nightclub (pictured in the background) .

Check out the path of destruction in the photo above ....crazy !

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Doughnuts ... everyone loves doughnuts !

Doughnuts you say ?
No that kind of doughnuts ...... R32 doughnuts!

Well some of you out there might remember I own a Volkswagen R32 , it's a fast lil car and is very fun to drive .
The red R32 belongs to a fellow named Jeremy , it has limited mods headers , intake re-flashed ECI etc . NO turbo or anything crazy like that but he did recently install a LSD ( limited slip differential) made by a company Pelquin .
Without getting too techinal this is really cool to see in a AWD car!! .. enjoy the doughnuts I know I am !!

Fairwell to a long time friend .

Well it was bound to happen sometime sooner than later , my Powermac G4's harddrive cooked itself Firday afternoon .
So If I'm slow replying to emails and posting to the blog for the next week or so , you will know why.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New bikes part#9 As the first Secret Agent hit's Japan we remember the Namaiki DSY the bike that started it all.

Happy to say this is this first Nemesis Project bike in Japan !
This beutiful Secret Agent belongs to our customer Matt . A funny thing about this sale is when he and I were originally discussing frame choices he had talked to me about a Death-Mobile but had never tried out 24" wheels . He mentioned in a Email that he would try to ride a NAMAIKI at the local skate-park .. crazy ! Namaiki you say ? No not that , this Namaiki later called RODO racing stuff in Japan .
WOW small world I said , this is when I mentioned that I also worked on the design and production of the Namaiki . This was my first 24" Hardtail design a bike I still very proud of .
Well there are still a few Namaiki DSY's being ridden around Tokyo which makes me very happy! The Namaiki was a very influential bike to many people not just myself , a very good concept a bit too early for it's time .

Now a new generation begins in Japan , as the Secret Agent arrives on the scene in Tokyo ! I'm very happy to have my new bikes being ridden along side my previous creations . Matt's bike is a excellent representation of what I and many other would consider a 'perfect built" Great Job Matt beautiful bike !!
Matt's bike has a very original build kit on it , this bike came out looking amazing I'm sure it rides ever better !
Great build featuring Gammut chain guide!! ,Rock shox Pike , Sram gearing and brakes , Thomson post , King headset , Brooklyn stem with color matched Nemesis Project bars this bike is built to rip !