Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cooler than a $220 backpack with a ripped cooler compartment!

Attached are images we received from our factory in Sacramento today. This is a sample for a new XXFS extra extra f-ing small (38.5 c-c) option for the 2010 model Nemesis Project frames aka the kids version . Also pictured is the final raw we could not be any happier. Thanks to everyone involved!
( Hahah I poke fun LOL HI Mike )

Seriously thought all kidding aside these pictures are of a 24" fixed gear frame I made for a good friend of mine's son for Christmas . Yes a 38.50cm fixed gear frame designed around 24" wheels , this is the hottest gift this Holiday to bad FAO went out of biz years ago or we could be moving tons of these to kids of rich hipsters !!
It features a spec list any legitimate pro rider would be stoked to have on their frame , let alone a 6yr old kid !
Merry Christmas Jason now your rolling a custom Nem-Pro !
(RedBull car pictured to help gauge overall size of the bike )

Frame Features :
Integrated 45x45 headset
True-Temper supertherm down-tube
Vintage Skyway TA teardrop toptube( tear drop ) by True-Temper circa 1986 !!
Supertherm seattube w/ 27.2mm insert
Columbus chainstays
TrueTemper seatstays
Felt carbon fork from a F24 kids road bike
Paragon drops and BB shell


Sunday, December 13, 2009

TrackFighter frame and complete pic's

We have been building allot of Trackfighter frames lately , here are some pic's of Chris V's bike (blk) and a 48cm (wht) frame that's going to our dist. in Japan Peakco.
We will have a few of these frames available next week Please Email me! if you would like to pick one of these bikes up for the Holidays !! Current list price for these frames is $900.00USD
We can ship to every corner of the globe !

Here are a few pic's of our good friend Chris V's new TrackFighter complete bike

Super clean integrated set up

Micro drops

Spanish BB / Tire clearance

FaShawn @ FatLace

Thursday I went by FatLace for the FaShawn listening party , we got their a little late hung out ate some sushi and talked to some friends . Fashawn kept it real by showing up hella late to his own party , we laughed talked to some more peeps got some pic's taken and left . Pic's from Mr. Foggstar's site

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I can't believe I have to post this as this bike hasn't even been built for more than a week , please be on the look out for Kris from Lockedcog
If you see this bike DROP that FOOL and please return it to us as soon as possible , Kris has offered a reward for the swift return of this one off custom built pice of Nem-Pro history .
This bike features a Huge 160mm headtube integrated headset with long tapered outer edge , 59cm seattube x 61.50TT
Color is deep translucent purple with white parts .

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ride SFO bike expo

The Ride SFO bike expo went down last weekend at the CowPalace , we had a full both there with all our frame models on display. Here are some pic's from the event , big props go out to Phil and everyone at RIDE SFO for making this years event another huge success. See ya next year !!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TrackFighter 700c trick frame


Here are the first pic's of our new TrackFighter 700c trick frame , wile the frame pictured is still technically a prototype this frame turned out exactly as we wanted straight off . I was a little worried about the BB to ground measurement but after checking the proto's against every after market 26" and 700c fork we could find, there was only .25" difference from the shortest to the tallest forks available on the market . For this reason we wont be offering this frame with a fork. This choice has stirred up some controversy on the web forums we encourage you the end customer to use the fork you feel works best for your riding style, you wont have any trouble with this frame .
In the future their might be a aftermarket fork offering from us here at Nemesis Project , I've been saying this for years now but hey Chris King finally released their BB so anything's possible right ?

Pricing - $900.00 frame only
Please Email me! for availability and lead time on these frames .

Japan availability !
First production version will be shipped to our distributer Takashi Tuskamoto from Peakco. , so if your in Japan and don't know Takashi please Email Takashi from this link , he will make sure you get one of the first frames to hit Japan !!

Geo for the Trackfighter
Sizes available seattube center to center - 48cm , 50cm , 52.50cm , 54.50cm , 56cm and 57cm+ ( custom sizes also available)
Top tube - available in Regular and Long offering's more info on this after the drop
HeadAngle - 73.50
SeatAngle - 75.00
Chainstay center to center - 392.50mm fit's 35c's slammed !

Frame Features :
Internal 45x45 headset - proven BMX design , all our headtubes are made by SOLID bikes on their HASS CNC lathe.
Spanish BB- Press fit BB bearing system design to work with 19mm and 22mm bmx cranks . No threads No fuss !
MICRO Drops - CNC machined hooded dropout , these allow us to space the chain and seatstays out further than most normal dropout designs allowing for a stiffer rear end without added material or weight.
Post Weld heat-treatment - wile this is the new buzz word in all the internet forums, all Nemesis Project frames have been post weld heat treated from day 1 .
Externally butted seattube W/ 7075 bonded insert- This frame features a externally butted seattube that gets slighter larger at the BB end for BB stiffness without adding weight , this new seattube also features a full bonded 7075 insert to ensure your 27.2mm seatpost can be adjusted easily without scratching .

The TrackFighter frame was designed from the ground up to be a new offering in the fixed gear trick world . With GEO intended for todays of rear wheel tricks this bike is designed to sin and pick up easier then normal "GO FAST " designs .

Frame construction - Built from True-Temper supertherm tube set's this frame is designed and built to last !
Handmade!- Not made by idiot's with machines , or imported from another nation !
ALL Nemesis Project frames are handbuilt by skilled craftsmen with the finest tools available today . Snap-On hand files , Miller welders , Enco and Bridgport mills all assembled on a custom made Helfritch frame fixture ensuring you the customer recived a quaility product designed to outlast even the most abusive rider. Support U.S.A. based fabrication !!

Frame images :

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday -11/13/09


Hint hint !

See everyone there !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

NOS sprocket's / Hello world !


I wanted to post up some pic's these sprocket's , these are true NOS ( New old stock ) this was the first part I designed way back in the mid 90's for my then BMX company Four bike co.
These were are made from 7075 aluminum and hold up great fro Fixed gear riding , so if your looking for a sprocket that will let you run BMX cranks on a Fixed gear bike then these are your hot ticket !
I put a few up for sale on our Ebay page So go check em out !

I also wanted to say Hello to all the visitors from around the world that visit this blog , kinda calling out people I see visit the site like Jay-z does at the end of his shows !
Galicia and Malaga Spain
Jarkata , Indonesia
Caracas , Venezuela
Luton , England
Lima . Peru
London , England
Tokyo , Japan

Big hello to all the local visitors also
Hood River , Oregon ( I'll be up there in the next month , shoot me a email ! )
Greeley , Colorado
Daily city , California
Round rock , Texas
Silver Spring , Maryland
McClenllen , California

Thank you to all that have taken time out of your lives and work days to come visit my blog !!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes I still ride MTB's too !

Recently I have been getting some flak from my MTB friends that I ride my Fixed gear too much , so I just wanted to let everyone know I can still hold it down on my 24" just as well as the 700c !

Photo taken by Kris from Locked Cog

Nem-Pro fixed from Geneva and newbars !

Here are some pic's of the Quicksilver I built up for Matte in Geneva .
Very cool build using a Nem-Pro stem , bars and Quicksilver frame .
He also has a TREE spline drive sprocket , profiles etc.
Great looking bike !
We currently have Quicksilver's in stock please Email me! for more information on these frames if your interested in ordering one.

We also made a few set's of our 3.25 weezy bars with a cross bar , these have been selling very well to the fixed gear freestyle crowd.

Here's a shot of Brad from Locked cog eighth-inch frame featuring Nem-Pro bar and stem and our 444industries 44t Sprocket .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Current track frame offerings


Here's a rundown of our current Track frame offerings from Nemesis Project , as always if your intrested in ordering any of these frames please Email me! We are always here to help create the bicycle of your dreams !

StarFighter $1250.00

The Starfighter is our in house evolution of the frame we orignally built for our friends over at KidRobot with one of the largest media launches in history for a one of bike , this bike was a star before it ever knew it . To prove this is a REAL track frame designed to be ridden be brought the design back as the StarFighter designed to fight the hype !!
This frame features more of a upright riding position for ease of doing tricks or just being comfortable on long rides with your friends !
Features include
Integrated headset45x45 Campagnolo standard
bladed downtube and chainstays
Nemesis CNC'd track drops
Deddcchi and custom drawn tubes used
Colors : standard and custom color option available

GEO: 74.50 HA
380mm chainstays
Sizes : XSM, SM , MEDIUM , LARGE and XL ( large pictured )
Custom top and seat tube sizes available upon request .

QUICKSILVER track frame $1000.00
Not named after the surf company or the original 60's rock band but YES we too named one of our track frames after a cheesy 80's movie .
Sure numerous other companies have frames named after those kids from Breaking away , but they didn't even ride track bikes in that movie .
Way back on the 80's when I was a young kid I remember this scene from Quicksilver the movie YES they even tricked Fixed gears way back in the 80's
So this was my inspration for creating a bike that could be ridden by messengers , racers and even trick kids .
I feel after a full year of testing that this current version is perfect for all uses .

Features include
Integrated headset W/Gusset at the headtube and downtube intersections
Full TrueTemper tube set
CNC machined micro drops
Tapered rear stays

Designed for tricking as well as racing !
GEO: 74.50 HA
390mm chainstays
Custom seattube and top tube configuration available please Email me! with any questions you may have.

ARC frame
Built exclusively for SF retailer FatLace
Available in White and RAW
Features include
Original Kirin specific Geometery
Smaller tubes for more of a traditional look
1" Headtube
CNC'd Nemesis Track drops
Tapered Rear Stays

Bike check : Brad's Quicksilver

It's been a long summer , I apologize for the lack of web updates over the past few months .
As some of you might know already I was in a car accident in my .:R32 earlier this year , which left me commuting as a Cyclist all summer long on my fixed gear . Since I put a few hundred miles on this bike over the past 5 months I thought I'd show it some love by posting a bike check.

Frame : Nemesis Project Quicksilver 55.5cm
Fork: Cinelli Vigorelli
Stem: Nemesis #004
Seat: Nemesis Casino Royal sample
Cranks : Race Face - thanks Julian !
Gearing : 46T - 17t
Front wheel ( cus on fixies you know it's always different than the front ) - MAVIC Ellipse
Rear Wheel : Miche hub laced to a deep V , EA 17t cog
Pedals + cages and straps : MKS sylvan with Toshi double and Tioga NOS power clips and end pulls
Grips: United ( thanks to Dean Hern for these !! )
Chain: Shadow 1/2 link
Seatpost : Kalloy Uno
Tires: F/ Continential R/ Rubino ( ran backwards for better Skids )

Here are a few pic's of the bike I ride every day -
Drive side
Non-Drive side
Nem-Pro stem #004

Sponsor and friends - Thanks to the guys from MASH SF , FatLace , In4Mation and W-base for all your support !!!