Thursday, September 18, 2008

09" Nemesis Project Handlebar line up .. IN STOCK !!

I wanted to post a full run down of our entire handlebar line up for 09" , for this year we have added the NEW Lil Weezy light bar in 2.25 rise x 27.50 !
Full size Weezy Jefferson moving on up bars as well as standard 2.60" Nemesis Project street bars , and the new 2.25" lil Weezy's are all IN Stock ready to ship in the colors pictured below . We have 10 full in stock colors this year , as well as the option for any custom color to match that custom bike your planing on building we can match any manufactures color !
Price on our bars are $65.00 + shipping ( EDIT NOTE: We have raised the direct price of the bars to $65 per request from our dealers and dist: to help protect their sug retail prices thank you - Brad )
Please Email me! here to place an order for a set of these bars.
We are always here to help , thank you for your continued support for the upcoming 09 soeason !

( listed in order as pictured above )

#3 " Weezy Jefferson , moving on up bar " 3.25 rise x 29.0 width 4 up 9 back total weight 1.6lbs , Same bullet proof True-Temper material huge rise great for your 24" street/skate-park bike or your 26" DJer

#2 "Folsom Prison bars AKA Nem-Pro street bars" 2.60 rise x 29.0 width 4 up 9 back , True-Temper material thicker than the lil weezy's total weight 1.3lbs , the perfect indestructible bar for any bike.

#1 "lil Weezy's " 2.25 rise x 27.50 width 4 degrees upsweep 9 backsweep , made from True-Temper tubes , thinner and lighter than our other bars total weight under 1lb , great for fixies , fans of low stand-over height or normal MTB's

2.25 rise Lil Weezy bars :

Full size Weezy Jefferson 3.25" bars :

Trans over raw

Solid colors

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

09" StreetFighter prototype

We have been playing around with the idea of re-releseing the Streetfighter 24" frameset for a wile , there have been a few different prototype's over the past few years but nothing I was extremely happy with .... until now .
Below you will see pictures of the 09" Streetfighter prototype that I will be testing next week up in Whistler and various skateparks through the NorthWest so keep an eye out I might just be hittin up your local spot while your reading this !

The frame is dead simple no frills or add on's you dont need .
Features include :
TrueTemper Supertherm and OX platinum tubes
Internal headset 45x45 campy standard
Spanish BB
CNC machined dropout's
NEW minimalist wishbone this allows us maximum tire clearance vs shortest chainstay measurement without having to use a formed sheet metal yoak or laser cut plates.
22.00" toptube

Drive side

Headtube and gusset detail

Disk side

CNC dropout's!