Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bar and stem review on I hate bikes.net

Jason over at I Hate Bikes just posted a great review of our bar and stem !
If you havent been to I Hate bikes before it's a great site with new cool content being posted regulary .
Here's a Link to the review of the Bar and stem combo.

In other big news Jason and his girlfriend Inga just got accepted to the IMBA trail crew and will be leaving us here in the bay area for the more trail friendly land of Colorado , have fun kids you scored the job of a lifetime !!! ( I knew you were gonna get it all along ! )

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


First off I would like to say Thank you to everyone who orders handlbars from us over the past year .
The 3.25 Weezy's and the 2.25 lil weezy's have been a HUGE success .
Due to the fantastic business we have recived selling these bars a few new product's will be making to market a little sooner than we had thought , please look forward to a full Nemesis PRoject component lineup in the new year !

Also Please NOTE :
DEC-17 is our last official shipping day for domestic ground before Christmas .
If you want to order any handlebars to arrive before the 25th you need to get your orders in by the 17th or we can not garentee you will get them by the 25th .

Thank you
Brad Hodges
Nemesis Project

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ride SFO bike show and swap / VIMBY

Last week was the Ride SFO bike show and swap .
It was a great event and big props go out to Phil and the crew for making this event happen !
Look forward to next year , it's gona be bigger and better !

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday .. 3 day SALE on Bars !

Nemesis Project is having a Black Friday SALE this weekend on our ever popular handlebar line up .
I have also listed 3 pairs of the limited edition colorways in the 2.60's bars these will only be available for this weekend only ! So dont sleep on these coloways we only did 3 of each bar in these colors !
Please check out our Ebay listing We have lowered the buy it now option down to $50per bar for today only .
I will also be including a FREE pair of ODI lock on grips with every purchase made on BLACK FRIDAY only !!!

Links to auctions here :
Lil Weezy 2.25"

3.25 big weezy's

Limited edition colors , these are listed at $55.00ea
We have only done 3 pairs of each color in these bars , available for 3 days only act now or forever be regretting sleeping on these colorways . Once these are gone they will not be done again !
Limited edition colorway bars

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wile on my recent trip to Japan for the cycle-mode tradeshow I saw this in the tradeshow guide it's a OTOMO by Crops-Sports
When I finally figured out what it was I had to see one in person , the OTOMO is a personal MP3 player with a tiny loudspeaker built in and believe me this little thing is LOUD ! The cool feature about this little guy is it comes with a Handlebar mount mount this to your Nem-Pro and rock out on your next ride !
Wile talking to the owner of Crops at the tradeshow to explained to me that the technology for this little device isn't licensed for the U.S. just yet . Not too worry cash speaks all languages and your truly was able to walk away with the packaged sample pictured above . I have had the OTOMO with me ever since I got back from Japan , all I can say is this little this is rad!
2GM memory , water proof , shok prof with full metal enclosure with rubberized controls , 9 hour + run time and a little speaker that is REALLY loud and very clear sounding .
Last weekend I was in S.F. I stopped by to see my friend Mike and happened to show him the OTOMO , today I got a email asking for more info guess he's also hooked on the OTOMO sickness thanks for the link Mike !
Hope Santa brings you what you want this year , I know I asking the I-sobot Hint hint

I also found this video clip , this was the demo version they had set up at Cyclemode

I was just trying to find a parking spot on Pico officer

Well as some of you might know , I have a fasination with totaled super cars .
This one might not fall into the super car catagory but it's a pretyt cool crash so I decided to post it up .
Here are on scean pic's from the .:R32 crash last night in Hollywood at Pico and Robertson .
Guess it went down like this from the stories I have herd , 2 very hawt girls were racing down Robertson last night one in a Porsche Chixter and the other in the White .:R32
The Porsche and the .:R both went around the left just before Pico and the Porsche apexed wide sending the .:R into on coming traffic . So useing its mad AWD skills the .:R32 monstertrucked itself to relitive safty on top of a Camery !
Enjoy the pic's (onsite photos courtesy of MylesPH1 )

They had to pull that ish off with a crane !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ken Block , Gymkhana practice

Ken Block is a 100% certified bad ass !
Someone call Chuck Norris and let him know he has officially been replaced .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloc-28 opening party

Wednesday night was the Bloc-28 artist opening , It was cool to see the other Bloc28 art pieces as well as some of the limited edition product like the custom Washburn guitars and Jewelry by Hon Cholo.
I was able to attend with my friend Emily who happens to school at a very upscale L.A area collage and swears to me she spends most of her time studying , but all her blog shows is hanging at the Bloc28 opening and the Formula Drift finals .. yea Study hard girl!

Here's the Bloc-28 X Nemesis PRoject bike on display , bike looks rad!
Really stoked I was able to be a part of the Bloc-28 series 2 .
Big thanks go out to Les at disney for making this all happen.

This is a one off Nemesis Project X Disney Bloc-28 one off BMX crusier I built for Bloc-28 series 2 , the developmet of this bike has been well documented on this and many other blog's now it currently up for sale on Ebay to help benifit Art share L.A.

Just a small sampling of some of the Bloc-28 art pieces on display .

I got a chance to hang out with Slick ! Super soild guy I have crazy respect for Slick's work. We able to talk about the Bloc-28 stuff and his work with Ford and Danny D on the FLEX project
Wile we were talking both of us got a little distracted by This we both took photos of the girl checking out Slick's work , for some reason Emily didn't understand our instant distraction at first :-/

Slick's piece for Bloc-28 series 1

Thanks to Les and everyone at disney for making this all possible !
Please go check out the Ebay charity auction if you haven't already .

Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's go to Japan !

14hrs , 3 beers , 2 crappy meals , watched the new Batman twice , Journey to the center of the earth a few times , Wall-E once and for some reason Kit Kitrage also yea it sucks being stuck in one seat for that long .

Welcome to Japan !
First car I saw after getting off the plane in Japan , Ballar status ! GTR-R34 rollin in style on this trip kids

Mitsu and Takashi checking out the Secret Agent dropout details

Handlebars , Stems and Seats all on display and looking good !

Secret Agent

Deathmobile on display with one of our new KOWA jumping forks

5in Double Agent

Steve Crandall from FBM was in the house across the way at Motocross International , is was good to be able to talk english with another white guy even if it was Crandall ..

Coming this Christmas Finger fixies !

The Colnago booth looked like the freaking Parthanon !

The lobby to my hotel , crazy nice !

One of the art pieces hanging on the walls of my hotel

Friday night after going home a little early from the Tradeshow , I went out to dinner by myself around 9:00 and was able to find a little noodle house right around the corner from my hotel .

I drank allot of beer on this trip !

Dinner Friday night , Miso soup with pork Damm good !

After my noodle bowl experience and some good beer I ventured out to a local convenience store for some after dinner munches , well let's just say the offerings in Japan can be a little different .

Japan part #2 !

Saturday I worked the show all morning so I wasent able to get many photos , but I did manage to sell a few frames so it all worked out !
Every morning on my way to the show I passed a huge picture of one of these burgers like 15ft high , on Saturday I had to find the place I could get one . The Zeppin ultimate cheese burger did me right !

Cheese burger , fries and some sort of Orange drink looks the same the world over doesn't it, it was damm good too.
Fries were salty and tasted like mickey d's from the 80's

The end product wasn't bad , tasted like cheese and had some decent grease for a japanese burger 8 out of 10

Saw this super-mini bike on the way back from Lunch

I got to meet the president of TAK-21 ( like BTI for Japan )

A few random shorts from the tradshow .

Vaude had the worlds largest backpack on display so of course I had to play around with it . Who needs a damm hockey bag when you can out your entire complete bike + gear , and your clothes and the kitchen sick in this thing and still have room !

Akebono DH bike super bad ass !

Guess you dont need wide bars to win in Japan

Your Juicy's aint got shizz on these or any other brake for that matter , Akebono these guys make brakes for F-1 cars this is as nice as it get's !

Prototype rear shok , I'm guessing either Akibono or KYB your guess is as good as mine.

Japanese bearing , titanium pivot bolts pure guchi for any bike .

Mini bikes are HUGE in Japan , picture this every possibly type of full sized bike has a mini bike version sitting right next to it with little 20" or smaller wheels on a full sized frame . It really began to trip me out until I road one ! there fun ride and easy to pedal take up 1/4 the space and a few were even folding or full suspension version's that looked like much bigger long travel rigs ..LOL so cute Mini bikes rock!
Kuwahara mini bikes

Pocket DH mini bike

Handbuilt minibike Road

Mitsu from KOWA , Me and Yoshi from TAK-21

The night before I had to leave everyone from TAK-21 , ARAYA , KOWA invited me and Eric from RaceFace out to Dinner at some very posh sushi resturant . There was lot's ofBeer involved so please excuse the lack of photos .

This was hand down the best tasting Sashimi I have ever had , the Maguro ( upper left ) was outstanding it had a flavor I have never tasted before .

The guys from TAK-21 and Araya got me a full plate of TORO , I coulnt finish it all so I shared with everyone else .

After a long night of drinking I needed a few of these the next morning , QOO Rocks !
The next morning I was able to got to the bike show for a few hours before I had to hop a flight back to the U.S.
I tried to do some shopping but the trade-show was consumer oriented so no-one brought much extra product as they wernt allowed to sell anything onsite . I did pick up a pretty sweet MP3 player but more on that in a later post .
After leaving the show I had to jump a few random shuttle busses to get to the right terminal at Narita once I cleared thought customs and immigration I entered every travelers paradise the duty free area , I aint gonna alie I bought some toys but this is what really had me excited !
They had these at the duty free Akihabara Store in the airport , the I-Sobot this little guy could seriously mess up any other action figure or mini robot out there ! something like 300+ moves preprogramed and he moves fast too .
I want one of these little guys for X-mas if santa is listening , oh and I guess the white and blue version is JDM so his voice recognition software is only in Japanese and the Black version is US market and speaks only english .