Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Handlebars ... News , rented cars and a cool trade in deal!

Flowbot's Handlebars

Speaking of Handlebars , How do you get 900 FT of tubing to the bender when it comes in 16ft length's you ask ?
Cut it up with hacksaw in 8ft sections , band together with really big zip ties and toss into a rented RAV-4 to drive to the tube bender !! Nem-Pro does work son!

We will be selling handlebars at SeaOtter if you bring us your old bent broken bars ( any MTB bar new , used bent or broken ) we will give you $10 off any Nem-Pro handlebar purchase ( $50 retail ) or $20 off any handlebar and stem purchase ( $120 retail for stem and bar combo ) .
We will also have stems on sale for $80ea see everyone at the Sleazy Otter!

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