Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad luck comes in three's .. 3 legends lost in one week

I was talking with Mike R today and we both came to the conclusion that bad luck does come in groups of three.
With the recent passing of fellow Frame builder , owner of SWD racing and all around great guy ! Steve Delay earlier this week it had most of us here in the Nor-Cal cycling world pretty shook up. Everyone here at Nem-Pro sends out our condolences and prayers to the Delay Family and everyone connected to SWD racing .

If the cycling community wasn't shook up enough after the events earlier this week , Jim Taylor of Jet Lights was killed after hitting a Tree in a skiing accident up at Squaw Valley .
Again our condolences go out to Jim's family and everyone over at Jet Lights , we are very sorry for your loss .

Then if all this news wasn't bad enough legendary custom car builder Boyd Coddington also past away this week . After loosing such a legend as Boyd all I could say was ... Ah hell this worlds coming to a end ! Rest in peace Boyd , you were a true master !

We here at Nemesis Project ask everyone to remember these 3 individuals as the true innovators and craftsman of their industries . Go rip a night ride down your favorite DH trail for Jim and Steve and when your leaving the parking lot , Rip a smokey burnout for Boyd I'm sure they all would have wanted it that way .
Have a safe weekend kids .

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chomptastic .... !

My friend Stephanie Leung sent me these photos of a mural she's doing for Red Ink studio's , my first reaction was WOW that's chomptastic !
I totally fell in love with Stephanie's style when I first saw it , so original and fresh that it really stands out.
She will be working on a few things for us here at Nemesis Project so stay tuned , I'm really excited about this one !!

More pic's of David from France

What else can I say about these latest pic's of David Desnoës from France , other than he rips !
From what I hear David really liked Yoann's Deathmobile , in the pic's it's pretty clear to see that David had no trouble nailing multiple tailwhips on every ramp in the park!
The Deathmobile was created to be a simple big wheel bike that any BMXer could get used to in a very short time ,these pic's of David help prove this point very well!
We will be stating another run of both 24" and 26" Deathmobiles very soon , if your interested in getting one of these bikes please contact me here Brad's Nem-Pro Email

Friday, February 22, 2008

Disney Bloc-28 pic's from Magic

Our friend Les from Disney Bloc-28 sent us these photos of the Block-28 booth at the recent Magic trade show in LasVegas.
There are some hints of what's to come from Bloc-28/ NemesisProject so read through the post and check out the photos below. Disney bloc-28 will also be sponsoring the Nemesis Project VIP lounge at SeaOtter this year so make sure you swing by the Nem-Pro camp and peep all the cool new bikes and parts.

hmmm what's this I see hyped at the bloc-28 booth a Nemesis Project 24" BMX crusier ?
Stay tuned kid's !!

More pic's from the bloc-28 booth at Magic

New Secret Agent dropout's

I try to make it a point NOT to post renderings of new designs on the web blog , but these are a little different .
Pictured below are the renderings of the NEW smaller Secret Agent dropouts .
There has been some discussion that the Secret Agent's rear dropouts are big , in reality there not as big as some of the current crop out rear dropouts that have logo's or crossbones laser cut in them .
There was however room for improvement so here are the new revised production Secret Agent dropout's .
Please post up a comment letting me know what you think .

New dropout

For refrance here how much material we took off the drive side dropout

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pic's from France

Our French Importer Yoann sent us these pic's of French Pro rider David Desnoës taking a few runs on Yoann's 26" DeathMobile .
In other DeathMobile news we are cleaning house here at Nem-Pro and have listed a blem 26" Deathmobile on ebay w/ No reserve good luck it's a great bike !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MAGIC .. Bloc-28 news

Well as many of you might know MAGIC is this week in LasVegas , this is the fashion and sportwear industry's Interbike for thoes out there not in the know .
Disney Bloc-28 has a booth right next to New Era , if your at the show go check out the live painting session by Mear-1
More and why Nem-Pro is posting news about Disney Bloc-28 later when the photos from the show drop.