Friday, March 28, 2008

Mini Ferrari

When I have a bad day at the shop , or a part isnt coming out the way I had orignaly wanted I go back and watch this video .
This guy built a 1:3 scale working model of a Ferrari ! Took him 15 years .. I'll never spend that long on a bike.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pump Track Pic's from Mike R

Pro Racer and Nemesis Project team rider Mike Ravizza sent us these super bad ass pump track photos .
Not much more to say other than than !

A nice Sunday drive ... how the .:R32 and I spent Easter

I took the .:R32 out for a nice long sunday drive this past weekend, drove out through Napa on HWY 12
Had to get a shot of the .:R next to a Vineyard , I really like this shot.
Along the way I stopped at Carr's Drive-in on HWY 116 to grab some lunch , Great fries !
The guy in the 510 pulled up just as i was getting ready to grab some pic's , the 510 was super clean !

Wile still on HWY 116 I stopped at a cool little country store to grab some snaks for the beach later on.

After a long day of driving I finally made it to HWY1 and the coast sometimes there's nothing more beautiful than the Pacific Ocean!

Hwy 1 the greatest drive on the planet , don't let people tell you different it's #1 for a reason !
Found this turn below and had to grab a shot of the .:R over looking the Pacific and the run of twisties we just ran up. wile I was taking these pic's I threw some props up to the Drift nuts over at FATLACE now it's FatLace turn SON!
This was a epic drive, I took HWY 1 all the way from Fort Ross into Stinson beach , i stopped at one of the marsh overlooks in Tomalas bay and found some creepy little Toy schrine I got scared and realized I had been driving for way too long.
I went into San Francisco and got dinner at my favorite noodle joint after that I drove home .

Friday, March 21, 2008

STOP ... Hammer time

I give you the Chinese MC Hammer !
Grandma in the background knitting just cracks me up .

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sometimes things don't always work out as planed

Dexter sent us these pic's of him trying a tailwhip off a 1/2" wide sign , as you can see sometimes this don't always work out as planned .

Other times you get sh!t done.

Props to Dexter to sticking it out and taking one for the team so to speak on that first shot to get these pic's.
Photos by Jaden Welch

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloc-28 bike preview part2

Here's a few snaps of the Mickey Laser form for the Bloc-28 bike .
This things gonna be really sick when it's done , stay tuned !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is "REAL" bike racing !

Watch and learn kids watch and learn , this is what true bike racing looks like !
Greg LeMond's 1989 Tour win over Laurent Fignon , this was after the 1987 hunting accident were Greg was shot and seriously injured , it doesn't get any more real than this . Greg made all this happen on a handbuilt Bottecchia tailor fit to meet his needs as a athlete , custom built bars and helmet all unproven in competition before this day . Greg didn't need proven technology or big team backing , he had the drive and desire to win ! Watch the video you can see the fire in his eyes !

Some of you might ask why the Greg Lemond post on the Nem-Pro site Brad?
Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with 2 world cup downhill racers who shall remain nameless , It was interesting to say the least and I completely understand now why the bottom has fallen out of racing here in the U.S. and soon abroad .
The cyclist like to blame the doping and the scandals , I as a bike manufacture and as a mechanic who had the pleasure of wrenching for racers such as Greg Lemond understand it's not the scandals or the drugs it's the attitudes of the athletes and their current lack luster drive to succeed . It's my observation that the current crop of pro racer's want everything given to them and do nothing in return for these benefits .
I look at the moment pictured above as one of if not the most powerful moment in sport's during my lifetime , sorry kids but you current crop of primadonna racers out there just arnt doing it for us any longer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Volkswagen does 185mph

I lost my license now I don't drive , well this has been my story for the past several months . A little too much fun in the .:R32 ( ednote: not my car in video) one day and I got popped big time . Speeding might be fun but the thousands you spend to get your license back isn't .
After several court dates , thousands in fines I was able to take my license test today and i only missed one answer !
I am now a leagle drive again and no longer have to roll dirty , driving is a privlage not a right Study up kids , cops be cracking down these days .

Monday, March 10, 2008

FatLace in store shot's and a cool W-Base toptube pad

FAT-LACE is a super cool shop on POST in SanFrancisco , they carry all the dope stuff from Track frames , to Calvin Wong's guide book on drifting .
Wile I was in the store yesterday dropping off a custom bike I built for one of the owners ( more on that later) a few of the girls from Hot Import nights stopped in , Damm times i wish i had my camera on me .
Here are a few shot's from the store yesterday , it was a super nice day in the city so I didnt snap any pic's these were stolen from Al Lagura's FatLace blog and Al's site Phuck Drifting

Here's a shot of Barry weeding some FatLace stickers for Ron who was working yesterday when I stopped in.

Pic of a Barry checking out the sick Nem-Pro welds in store at FatLace S.F.

When I was at the FatLace store yesterday I was finally able to pick up one of these cool W-Base Toptube pads pads for my new fixie I'm building.

Enjoy the pic's I'll fill everyone in on the mystery frame pictured above in the next few days when it's about to drop.
Stay tuned , Same Nem-Pro time same Nemesis Project blog!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Some pic's from the shop and What's for lunch ?

Here are a few shot's of a custom bike I'm working on , if you have been paying attention you might be able to guess the end customer for this one.

All welded up and looking pretty.

What's for lunch you ask ?
Lately i've been grubbing on this , Rosemary Steak sandwich with Gorgonzola cheese melted in on Chibata bread .. it's Damm good !

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Raveonettes - Candy

Herd this last night on the radio damm good song , even better video . Remeber kids Music good Drugs BAD

Disney Bloc28 X Nemesis Project ...preview

Well if you havent figured out the hint's by now , Nemesis Project has another Co-lab bike about to drop in the next few months . This time we have teamed up with Disney BLOC28 .
I'm not going to lay it all out here but as a little preview here a few shot's of the limited run Bloc28Pivotal seats we had made for this bike.
I say limited as there are only 10 of these seats total that will ever be made . You aint getting one so don't ask


L.A. to NYC in 4 minutes

Get out and drive someplace this summer , road trips are fun !