Friday, August 31, 2007

Dexter's Whistnar summer vacation pic's

Dexter Levendroski , good friend and Nemesis Project cycles team rider recently had the summer we all wish for riding and living life to the fullest in Whistler B.C. for the past 3 months . There were more than a few times I called Dex on his cell phone only to hear him in the background stopping his truck on the side of the road to give rides to the Groms who were walking up to AirDome !! Here are some pic's from Dexter's summer vacation in Whistler B.C. , these were from up on the MTN on Crabapple I believe .

Monday, August 27, 2007

New bikes part#8 this DeathMobile is .... EPIC !

New bikes part #8

This DeathMobile in trans blue over raw belongs to Pete from Epic Technique a U.K. based clothing and design company . Pete has been a long time friend of the company and we are very excited to see both him and James representing us over in the U.K.

Pete's built features ridgid forks , color matched Nemesis Project bars and soon to have a matching Nem-Pro stem also !!, some blk 3pc crank and a Mankind sprocket and a custom ground MacNeil pivotal post set up .

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New bikes part#7 The U.K. connection !

Here's a shot of James our U.K. distributor's mini Agent , 24" wheel specific Secret Agent frame , built up with a tuned Marzocchi 4x , Nem-Pro bar and stem and profile cranks !

New bikes part#6 The brown Fox .

New bikes part #6 The brown FOX
This Secret Agent belongs to our customer David , check out this built gold King headset , matching gold TREE light sprocket , Nem-Pro street stem and bars this build is really top notch I was impressed with Dave's attention to detail with this bike , when he mentioned that he would be using the Rockshok fork I was a bit worried on how he was going to match the mint color but from the looks of it he did a pretty good job !

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New bikes part #5 ...the General Lee aint got nothing !

New bikes part#5
The General Lee aint got nothing on this whip !

Here is Kris AKA: DukesofTahoe's new Secret Agent !
This beauty is pictured sitting beside picturesque Lake Tahoe at Sunset .

Kris's new bike features a Nemesis Project tuned Z-1 @100mm , Shadow Conspericy slim seat w/ red anodized Unbra post , DEITY cranks and sporcket ,Animal Hamilton pedals and Nem-Pro street stem and bars !!
Kris is also our new Sales rep so if anyone out there needs any Nemesis Project products he will be the one answering all your questions .
Thanks for looking .. now go ride !

New Bikes part#4 ... Brad's new whip !

I havent talked about this bike too much but at SeaOtter this year I built myself up a current Gen Secret Agent with the full True-Temper Ox platinum tube set . I love the way this bike rides soo much , overall this has been my favorite bike to date that I have built for myself . Big Thanks go out to Len @ Hayes for the new Stroker Ride disk brakes , Brandy and JEff at Industry Nine for building me a crazy fast set of wheels .. Yes kids I9's ARE good for street !! Super Dave at the Shadow conspiracy and Shane at Animal bikes .. all you guys made this bike possible Thank you !!

New Bikes part#3 Le French Mobile !

New Bikes Part#3
Le French Mobile

This is Yoann from France beautiful custom one off Deathmobile in Vicious blue w/ 63mm spanish B/B shell made specifically for FLY cranks ( normal DeathMobile BB width is 72mm ), Yoann's bike also has matching Folsom prison bars and a black anodized Nem-PRO street Stem #82 for his birth year !

New bikes part#2

New bikes part #2
Here is a 26" DeathMobile in trans OX blood over raw , our customer Gale from France built this beauty up earlier this summer. Check it out one of my personal favorites !!

New Bikes part #1

New customer DeathMobile build #1
As I mentioned before we have sent out allot of bikes over the past few months and more to be shipped out in the next week! The pictures of new customer builds are starting to fill up my hard-drive so I though I'd share then with you all.

To start things off here is a new build by company friend Al , I believe he stole some of the parts for this build off his wife's USB
Al has allot of bikes and a pet Tiger named Sultan also ... crazy ! We really appreciate the support !!! Thanks Al !!!!

New Bikes .....

We have been really busy here at Nemesis Project cycles over the past few months , building bikes and working on the new components line . Now that the blogger page is up I thought this would be a good time to share pictures our customers have sent in of their new bikes ! There's allot to share so keep checking back over the next few days to see what and who's new bikes pop's up on the Nem-Pro blog !!

Hmmm what could that be , one of thoes frames doesnt look like the other production Secret Agent's ? reviews the Nem-Pro street stem ! recently featured our new street stem and had some really great things to say about it .
Check out the link to the review here Sicklines Nemesis Project stem review

Wideopen mag !

Wideopen Mag is a U.K. based online web magazine that recently ran an interview with yours truly !!
Here's the link so go check it out when you get a chance , it's a pretty good read and if your not too familiar with who makes the Nemesis Project bikes my interview is pretty informative in that respect .
Check it our here
Thanks for taking the time to check out our new blogger page .

New Nemesis Project cycles Blogger page !

I wanted to welcome everyone to the new Nemesis PRoject cycles Blogger page !!
We will have the new website finished up shortly , so check this page daily for all the latest Nem-Pro updates .
Thank you
Brad Hodges
Nemesis Project cycles