Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video clip from David in France

Here's a new video clip from David Desnoes in France

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rumble in the Jungle MAY-9


Nemesis Project along with United-State,LockedCOGand SacFixedGear are proud to bring you Rumble in the Jungle a all day event of Urban fixed gear cycling !!!

This is a all day event AllCat race in the morning , Fixed Gear trick comp in the afternoon and a Bicycle related art show at and vender fair at Club21 that night which also coincides with Sacramento's Second Saturday art walk and Pub Crawl !

Ally Cat Race $10.00 ( includes admission to art show and awards later that night )
Each paid race entry will get a swag bag with product from Race sponsors
10:30-Reg for the Race begins , DO NOT BE LATE !!
Sometime BEFORE 12:00Noon Race will start !!!

Detail of race : Please bring a Camera or a Camera Phone ,a fixed gear or single speed bike and a good attitude
BAg and lock are suggested !! Be prepared to RIDE YOUR ASS OFF !!!

Trick Comp : Fixed Gear trick comp ! $7.00 (includes entry to art show and awards later that night )
More detail of location closer to date , location still pending conformation from land owner
Practice start's at 4:00- Comp start's at 5:00

Bicycle related Art show and Vendor fair - Location Club21
Booths and product from Race sponsors on Display , and a spacial showing of the up coming Film "No Cassettes " by our friends at Fonseca Films

Race sponsor's
Nemesis Project
Blue Diamond Almonds

If you have any questions about this race or know any artist who would like to contribute to the Bicycle related art show please Email me!
Hope to see you all there on May-9

Nemesis Project welcomes Simon Belin to our team !

Photobucket(Simon flat spin 360 )
I would like to welcome French Pro rider Simon Belin to the Nemesis Project International Team.
Simon will also be riding KOWA factory forks this season as well .
Pictured below is Simon's new Deathmobile 135mm
(pictured with KOWA factory 65mm DJ-REV1 fork )
Features include 100%TrueTemper OX platinum / Supertherm tube set
Integrated 45x45 standard headtube w/ gusset's
CNC machined rear dropout's
Geo: 69HA(effective) 70SA
22.75TT / 15.35 chainstay (measured center to center)
11.35 standover
Color : Glow in the Dark green !

A few frame pic's

We have been building allot of custom fixed gear frame recently .
Here are a few of my personal favorites so far .

Singapore Andy's bike
( pictured with 700c barspin fork )
Andy requested a fixed gear bike that would like a BMX bike
This is a 100% TrueTemper OX platinum tubeset , built to Andy's very specific spec's
49cm seattube , 53cm Toptube
Features include : slightly taller headtube to allow for barspin clearence for the front wheel and more extension to the top side of the HT so you dant have to ran as many headset spacers .
Color : trans blue over chrome
Micro dropout's

Joni's bike
(frame pictured with 26" SE landing gear fork)
This is Joni's first fixed gear , Joni told me he wanted a bike that didnt look like you were supposed to be wearing Spandex to go ride it . So I built him a "lifestyle" bike you can still do trick on !
This is basically what will be come our Quicksilver production fixed gear frame.
Frame size is a 53cm
Features include : integrated headset , TrueTemper main tube set , dedacchai rear tube's , Nem-Pro rear micro drop's
Color : Trans OX blood over raw
Micro drops

If your intrested in ordering a frame similer to one of these pictured above please contact me by Email! !
Thank you

The lost arm.

Everything has been very busy here lately at Nem-Pro HQ , please excuse the lack of blog post over the past few weeks .
We finally moved into the new Nemesis Project / KOWA factory offices in Downtown Sacramento ! It's a nice live work style loft located in a building owned by a architectural firm located next door to our offices.
During the first week I was staying there the alarm went off 3 times and there was a high speed police chase right outside my door. This from what I hear resulted in a lost arm due to his car flipping over wile he still had it out the window trying to look "gangsta " From the pic's you can see the cops had my entire block shut down for most of the night , right in front of my front door . It was entertaining to watch them do their best to clean up as I sat and ate my dinner . LAter that night after the cops took off I walked down the block and saw the trail of wreckage from were the cops flipped the guys car over into someone's front lawn.
Sorry no pic's of the arm I got home about 5 min after they cleaned that ish up and hauled lefty off to the clink.