Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A really big sticker and the littlest Nem-Pro

The worlds biggest Nem-Pro sticker !

I give you the Mini -16 , I'll say it now Pit bikes are the new Colabo Fixie's !
I'm going to do a very limited run of mini Nem-Pro's for christmas get your orders in now .
They will ship as frame kit's with skyway Tuff wheels and Nem-Pro component groupe.
More news after SeaOtter

Geo for the mini 16:
TT: 15.50
HA 70
SA 71
CS: 9.0
Spanish BB and Internal headset .
Size of the bike has been proportioned to make these look like mini big wheel bikes not 16" bmx bikes!

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Paul said...

Im loving that "custom" bike stand! What is that a Maytag?!