Thursday, December 27, 2007

Totaled supercars ... Take 2 another Audi R8 bites the dust

Totaled supercars ... It pains me to have to post another series of pictures of a totaled Audi R-8
So here you go , this one was crashed someplace in Europe . Looks like the driver hit a pole or something REALLY fast.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The most infamous Nemesis Project bike to date!

The track bike we built for Kid Robot is getting a ton of attention from the interweb community , who'd thought that?
Here are some of the site's that have re-posted the original story.
I would personally like to thank everyone who has re-posted this story , bashed and insulted it and to those who showed the love and posted kind words ..... Thank you to all -Brad
Paul Budnitz Blog
Freshstripe U.K.
Derek Dix Photo blog
94 Plus
407 fixed gear
the Eastern Front
CleanGreens blog
C'EST La Vie

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nemesis Project x Kid Robot !

Well I guess I've been hinting at this long enought , but now that the blog trackosaurusrex somehow got their hands on the pre-relese pic's I sent to KidRobot i'll fill everyone in on the bike.
I recently had the pleasure of doing this colaberation bike with the folks over at Kid Robot As I have mentioned before , If I had my choice of clients to build custom bikes for KidRobot would be #1 on that list !
The Kid Robot X Nemesis Project bike pictured was built as a one off contemporary art piece to be shown at the Kid Robot store during Art Basel Miami Beach.
Art direction of this project was done by Chad Phillips of KR and overseen directly by Paul Budnitz owner and president of Kid Robot , Nemesis Project supplied KidRobot with the first of their new Track frames , built from a mix of Dedacciai , True-Temper and some vintage Tange tubes . The frame features Nemesis Project's new rear track bike dropout system designed specifically for messengers. This systems prevents the average street trool from stealing your wheels with any vice grip, pliers , channel lock's or crescent wrench . The Nemesis Project dropout is a deep pocketed dropout that with only accept a 15-mm deep socket for rear wheel removal ( unless your running allen bolts axle nut's then your kinda screwed anyways )
This bike was handbuilt and assembled 100% by Nemesis Project owner and frame builder Brad Hodges .

The bike is currently on disply at the Kid Robot Miami store located at 638 collins Ave.
This bike comes with a custom powdercoated U-lock W/color matched key's , color matched tool kit and custom one off KidRobot Valve stem caps all hand made by Brad Hodges .
List price for this one off art piece is $6,000
Contact KidRobot sales if you are intrested in aquiring this bicycle.

Component list
Frame: Nemesis Project track frame KR-01
Headbadge: 3oz sterling silver Kid-Robot headbadge made by OSA @ Complete Technique
Headset: 45x45 campy internal , powdercoated to match frame
Fork: White
R wheel: Custom powdercoated Miche Track hub and R lock ring , hand built to a Velocity Deep V
also custom powdercoated w/ the hub and all other white parts on the build
Cranks : Sugino 75 custom powdercoated white
Chainring: Sugino 75 powdercoated white , teeth masked
Pedals : MKS outer cages powdercoated white
Toe clip: MKS W/ Toshi strap in white
Seat: Macneil Pivotal technology , re-covered in snowflake white Ostrich leather
Seat Post: Macneil Pivotal powdercoated to match magenta fade in frame
Tires: custom one off non logo'd Michelin 700x23c
Bar and stem: Easton powdercoated cyan blue to match frame


Fat Lace

Fat Lace is a very cool retail store in the Japan town section of SanFrancisco . They have everything in stock from cool toys to magnetic drain plugs for your drift car.
Mark was cool enough to hook me up with one of the FatLace chinnalli inspired t-shirts , this is one of many of their cool originally design T shirts they have in stock. I suggest stooping by next time your in S.F. it's worth the trip! -Brad

Mash S.F.

Mash S.F. is a film by Michael Martin and Gabe Morford
After seeing the trailer (postedabove) a few times on Youtube and seeing all the hype this film has generated in the "fixed gear" scene I had to grab myself a copy and check out what all the fuss was about.
Well I was able to finally get my hands on a copy last night wile I was in the city.
People always ask me "how do those messengers ride the hills in S.F. , I'd kill myself "
Mash S.F answers that question .. and a whole lot more.

After watching this film last night all I can say is HOLY SH!T , I've been riding S.F. my entire life and after seeing this movie I can honestly say these guy KILL IT on fixed gear's . this is an entirely different level of cycling the fluidity between man and bicycle .. it's just flst out amazing . To say these guys have "bike control" is putting is lightly .. you really have to pick yourself up a copy from their online store and see this masterpiece for yourself. The DVD also comes with a very cool 120 page full color behind the scenes book with exclusive photos and interviews.

Monday, December 10, 2007

More sick riding pic's from France !

Gael another Deathmobile owner from France sent us these sick riding shots.
I really like this shot posted below , the contrast of the black , white and red is really striking , I also like the aggressive look on Gael's face .. killing it!

Some pic's from Yoann !

Yoann from France sent us these riding pic's of him with his DeathMobile 26" .
Sunny day , fun bank South of France on the beach .. looks like a perfect spot to me !
Great Pic's Yoann , keep em coming!!

Hard at work , bikes don't built themselves.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

NEW color ... Cool mint toothpaste !

Now for some color Secret Agent pic's , here's a new color that seems to be pretty popular these days cool mint or Toothpaste. Any name you put on it it still looks like CREST to me. All kidding aside this color looks really good in person ! Congrats on the clean choice of colors Mike we all approve!

This sticker is important , as many other companies now claim to use TrueTemper tube set's for added strength . Nemesis Project has always used TrueTemper tube set's from day 1, ALL our bikes are designed around the benefits these tubes can produce ! Secret Agent frames are made from 100% TrueTemper tubes from toptube to the material the gussets are made from , we believe in this stuff that much!

The Secret Agent in Black and White

There something about the simplicity of black and white photography that can open your eyes to the design traits in a subject , in this case I use the Secret Agent frame as an example.
I shot these pic's originally in color then converted them to B&W and it really opened my eyes to the little things i didn't see in the color photos . I hope you enjoy these simple pic's as much as i did.

Peter Grau's new DeathMobile 26!

Peter Grau from Denmark just sent us these pic's of his new 07" DeathMobile 26" all built up!
Sweet ride Peter !!
Peter's bike features a 07" 26" DeathMobile frame , with new 15.50rear stays , 22.75TT
70HA , 70SA , 11in seatube center to center
Peter's bike is set up with pretty basic components like Nem-Pro bar and stem , lowered Sherman Jumper Animal bikes pivotal seat and post , 26" wheels with a 110mm bmx rear cassette .
This is officially the tightest bike in Denmark-!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Block 28 toy and New Era

Here are a few shot's of some of the goodies our friend LES over @ Disney Block 28 sent us the other day !
Nemesis Project getting hook up's from Disney ? hmm what could this be ? Big things coming up soon stay tuned kids!!
Check out Bizzaro Mickey on Rollerskates pictured below.
This is a one off pre-pull toy sample , notice the rollerskates guess these got axed on the final version so this guys special!!

One of 144 limited Disney Block 28 New-Era's

Close up's of the art , crazy Mickey sh!t

Peep the custom red satin inside of this New Era! Can you cay P.I.M.P. !!

KidRobot Christmas Box!!!

Got a box from Chad over at Kid Robot today and inside was a KR Christmas card and a Holiday Labbit!!!!!!
So cool check him out , in all his green velvet badness smorking that candy cane !
Thank you and Merry Christmas to Paul , Chad and everyone over at KidRobot !
He also came with a few other smorking accessories like Rudolph's Ass in his face , christmas light bulb and presents-!!

( stay tuned kid's surprises to come shortly )

Jay-Z Live on Letterman

Here's a clip of Jay-Z on the Letterman show .. why are we posting video's of Jay on the Nem-Pro blog you ask ?
Everything doesn't have to have a meaning ... It's a funny interview clip and a good song , enjoy !

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

KidRobot Miami Store .. OPEN Snitches!!

The inside of the store looks sweet , Great job to the KR crew for launching another kick ass store !!

My guess is PJ boy ain't gonna be sleeping there much longer ! something else gonna be sleeping n that space soon!

the store was packed for opening night!

A few pic's from the after party at WISH


after, Munny's like to get their drink on and play with sharpie's just like Sanjay!