Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Patrick Branch photos from SeaOtter

Patrick Branch sent us over a series of photos he shot recently at the SeaOtter classic , Pat was kind enough to do a feature shoot at the Nemesis Project booth. You may have seen some of these shots in his gallery on the Ridemonkey web forums.
I hope everyone out there enjoys Patrick's work as much as we do here at Nem-Pro he's a very talented young photographer with a very bright future ahead of him .

The big news this season if you haven't herd already is were riding KOWA suspension were also receiving support from Industry Nine and HAYES disk brakes , here are a few shot's of our bikes with the Kowa forks , Hayes Strokers and I9 wheels our bikes are rolling on top kit this yoear as the brit's would say!

This is a shot of the new TailGunner all mountain prototype , and one of the new bike displays we built for SeaOtter.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Josh Bryceland and the AirSoft Rifel .. SeaOtter madness

Greg Minnar and Steve Peat were tossing rocks at Josh Bryceland after making him go retrieve the Frisbee they through across the mini lake we were parked next too.

In true Nem-Pro style i commented to Peaty that they needed something with a little better range , so I brought out the AK-47 Airsoft and had Josh pinned down under a hail of automatic weapon fire in seconds !

SeaOtter report part #2

Well SeaOtter was crazy too say the least , lack of sleep and 14+ hour days for 2 weeks up to the day we left didn't make Brad a very happy camper but we got the bikes done and the moter home all packed up.
I want to thank Kris, Josh , Dave, Joe@covic racing , Mitsu@KOWA Japan , Len @ Hayes , Brandi and Jeff @ I9 and everyone else who helped us get to SeaOtter this year I really apperciate all the hlp and support .
Here are some pic's from the booth , the one thing i forgot to do was take pic's during the weekend so if there anyone out there with pic's of our booth , New Seat Line and anything else Nem-Pro related please send em in and I'll get them posted ASAP

Photos courtsey of Ride,Dont Walk and Arleigh@Crookedcog.com EastBayRich from MSDHW

Well the BIG news this year at SeaOtter is we have started working with KOWA suspension from Japan.
Mike and I are both running KOWA forks , I9 wheels and Hayes Brakes this season

The 160SS air forks from KOWA we are rideing this year feature a new CNC crown detail , from my understanding we were the first people to recieve these from the factory in Osaka.

We built mike up a new 4in Double Agent , 4x race frame this bike looks soo good in the RAW color with the KOWA forks.

We also debuted a new bikes this year at SeaOtter the Deathmobile 135mm, Mini 16" and the TailGunner All mountain bike .
Here's a shot of the mini 16" with one of our new Royal SL seats

We also brought the KidRobot Fixie out to show everyone what all the hype was about , Arleigh got some fantastic pic's of the bike , even with our photo runining RED tent .

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Our suspension sponsor KOWA has a news blurb on Nemesis Project on their site , go check it out .
I also wanted to take a second to say Thnak you to both Mitsu and Joe @ KOWA both of these guys have really gone out of their way to help us get the race team together this season !!!

A really big sticker and the littlest Nem-Pro

The worlds biggest Nem-Pro sticker !

I give you the Mini -16 , I'll say it now Pit bikes are the new Colabo Fixie's !
I'm going to do a very limited run of mini Nem-Pro's for christmas get your orders in now .
They will ship as frame kit's with skyway Tuff wheels and Nem-Pro component groupe.
More news after SeaOtter

Geo for the mini 16:
TT: 15.50
HA 70
SA 71
CS: 9.0
Spanish BB and Internal headset .
Size of the bike has been proportioned to make these look like mini big wheel bikes not 16" bmx bikes!

Monday, April 14, 2008

2:00 AM PST .. I'm done !

It' 2:00AM , Joe's finishing up the 3 135mm DM prototypes now , all we have left for SeaOtter is the mini16 which isn't going to make it to powdercoat before the morning . I can't count haw many times the cooling cycling has gone off on the welder tonight bikes got build SeaOtter is going to be a blast , unless I wake up with flash burns on my eyes tomarrow moring .
I'm done

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Handlebars ... News , rented cars and a cool trade in deal!

Flowbot's Handlebars

Speaking of Handlebars , How do you get 900 FT of tubing to the bender when it comes in 16ft length's you ask ?
Cut it up with hacksaw in 8ft sections , band together with really big zip ties and toss into a rented RAV-4 to drive to the tube bender !! Nem-Pro does work son!

We will be selling handlebars at SeaOtter if you bring us your old bent broken bars ( any MTB bar new , used bent or broken ) we will give you $10 off any Nem-Pro handlebar purchase ( $50 retail ) or $20 off any handlebar and stem purchase ( $120 retail for stem and bar combo ) .
We will also have stems on sale for $80ea see everyone at the Sleazy Otter!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

David Desnoës .... Rippper

Yoann just sent me this pic of Nem-Pro sponsored Pro ripper David Desnoës !
I know our friend Mark will be stoked on this shot and great logo placement , hopefully worth a few free pairs of kicks .. hint hint !

AUCHTUNG/WARNING: David didnt have very good luck running his Argyle fork so watch out kid's these might not be such a "safe" choice of your a hard rider on a indestructable frame frame , Nem-Pro takes a beating and keeps on rollin!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday !

I was awaken to this truck outside my door this morning , and he dropped off almost 900 feet of True-Temper tubing for our handlebars!

YES that right kid's it' that time of year again , Nem-Pro handlebar time !
Not surprising to hear we moved over 100pair of our True-Temper Work hardened street bars in 2.60 rise last year !
so this year were coming back and moving it on up , as many of you have herd thought the grape vine that this year were movin on up and releasing a 3.25" rise bar dubbed the Weezy Jefferson bar.
Get your order in now were doing 3 times as many bars as last year !
Happy Monday to me I get to cut all this stuff up to take to the bender

Hey Les ... Get back to work !

Here are a few preview shot's of stuff were just finishing up for SeaOtter.

Here you go Les ... Now get back to work before they call Goofy to yell at You !

New Team Sponsors for 08" Season

With SeaOtter less than 2 weeks away I wanted to spill the beans on a few NEW Nemesis Project team sponsors for this season.
First off both Mike Ravizza and I will be rideing KOWA suspension forks this season, I have been a huge fan of KOWA forks for years , Mitsu at KOWA Japan and Joe over at Covic Racing have both been a great help getting this deal set up for this season!
Both Mike and I will be rideing 160ss air forks at SeaOtter , pictured above and below is my current Double Agent with KOWA160 Coil SS This forks rips ! I threw the Double Barrell back on the bike and the suspension has never felt better ! I will have some pre-production prototype KOWA street and jumping forks on my new bikes this season ... Stay tuned !

We also recently received a nice box from Len and Clayton over at Hayes I can't say enough goods things about the Stroker line of brakes from Hayes ! Last season I was able to test a few preproduction set's of these brakes loving every minute I had on them , these are really one of the great products released in the past few years that have really improved cycling for the average rider. We here at Nem-Pro love racing and support a small team of dedicated riders , Hayes will be supporting the Nemesis Project team this season with their Stroker Trail and Ryde brakes !!

Big Props to all the sponsors who has helped get our bikes rolling this season , we appreciate all the support Mitsu , Joe and everyone over at KOWA Japan has done as well as the product support from Len and Clayton at Hayes brakes .. Thank you !

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Dirty Beaver

Nemesis Project is hittin the road this summer , we have officially purchased the rolling wreck pictured above this beauty of late 70's era craftsmanship ( 1977 to be exact ) just can't be seen these days ( Yea cus they all died long ago ) , thus making this a true 70's classic (Yea try to swallow that load of crap! ).
The Dirty Beaver as it has affectionately been named by the Nem-Pro team will be making it's debut at SeaOtter ( another dirty beaver ) April 18-20th.
I'm really looking forward to taking this beast to some races this season ! Oh and if anyone wondering the Beaver has a DODGE small block 360 , came with 69K original miles and has been used for Questionable runs to and from south of the boarder local's according to the lady who originally sold it to a good friend of mine .
all i gotta say is Nem-Pro got the sick Team whips

Crazy trucker

Saw this clip of a crazy Canadian trucker , check out the fire ball at the end