Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weezy Jefferson bars back in stock !!

We jsut got our second batch of Weezy Jefferson bars back from the tube bender , this time around we will also have polished / raw colors availible and chrome ! If your intrested in placing a order for any of our handlebars or stem's Email me

Pictured below is Matt from the U.k.'s bike , the Weezy's in mint really compliment his Argyle very nicly , great built Matt !


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grow your own!

Well with a title like Grow your own I'm sure a few of you thought Brad's up to something illegal , but sorry none of that happy stuff made it into my garden this year .

Gardening , it's a great past time .. there really is something to be said for growing all your own vegetables , and more recently with the cost of food going up so much it's good to have a green thumb per say.
Here are a few shot's of my vegetable garden I built earlier this year , I dug out a ton of dirt all with shovel and wheel barrow then built a redwood planting box and filled it with 100% certified organic soil !

Closeup of the RedWood retaining wall I built to help enclose the garden area.

Here's a shot of all the dirt I shoveled out of the garden box , I could have built a pump track if it wasent for all thoes rocks !

Overview shot of the garden with a shot of my Ancho chlie plants

Sugar baby and Klondike Watermelon's planted next too Chrenshaw melon's just starting to grow .

Lettuce and tomato starter's

Keep checking back I'll be posting updates every few weeks letting people see the progress of what's growing .-Brad

Friday, June 20, 2008

Introducing our new line ... My first Nem-Pro

With the growing number of little kids out there getting push bikes for their first rides , we here at Nemesis Project could not be outdone so pictured below is our contribution to new crop of kids push bikes that seem to be the new trend even cooler than colabo fixies !

Custom machined "spanish pegs " these press fit into the spanish BB shell to create a standing platform for your little guy to get the feel of coasting before they have to worry about learning how to pedal!