Wednesday, February 3, 2010

700c BMX

I was contacted by Thomas from Sweden about building him a commuter frame as he described it " A wolf in sheep's clothing "
So I consulted him on a few possibilities and he came up with this , a full 700c BMX bike !!
The pictures below do a much better job of describing this frame than I can do with words , this bike is super bad ass!!

This frame is NOT a fixed gear freestyle frame by any form of definition , the geo is based more around a 26" BMX cruiser than a 700c freestyle frame. Thomas requested the MKS dropout's and I'm very pleased on how these came out , we will be offering this frame with these as a option .
Headangle - 73.50
Seatangle - 72.00
Toptube - 2.5mm to 3.0mm longer than seattube measured center to center
58mm BB drop comparable to most MTB frames
Features for the frame pictured -
130mm spaced rear end for single speed road hubs
Integrated headset
Removable 990 brake mounts
MKS dropout and chaintensioner
Gusset @ headtube on downtube
True-Temper supertherm main triangle
True-Temper OX platinum chainstays
Tange seatstays cut/bend at center of taper so both end taper out from bend.

This frame is pictured with a MKE bruiser fork , we will be building a few more of these frame for stock .
Standard version of the 700c bmx frame details and price : Spanish BB , Euro or MID , integrated headset , engraved Nemesis dropout's , removable 990 brakes and Bruiser fork will sell for $1,200
MKS rear drops w/ tensioner + $150.00

Please Email me! if you would like to order one of these new frames from us .