Saturday, August 30, 2008

On display now !

FatLace has my personal one off custom ARC one display in their shop on 1630 Post ST. San Francisco for the next couple weeks , if your in the city stop by the FatLace shop and check it out , they have a very nice display set up along with some cool T-shirts and other goods for sale in house! There located in the Japan town section on Post St. right next to super7 ! So no excuses for not being able to find the shop , just please don't Double Park out front only to run in an grab some new t-shirts from Kenny !

Here's the run down on the bike I have dubbed Yosemite
My intention with this build was to make a bike that looked old and classic with a twist of new parts , and classic overtones.
The build kit consists of
FatLace Arc frame
Tange fork and headset
Brooks Swallow Ti railed seat w/ bag and Brooks leather bar tape
Nitto bar
Vintage stem
Sugino messenger crank
Mavic Elipse wheelset
My thanks and compliments go out to Terry Cox of Collage Cyclery Sacramento for helping me get the parts for this bike together !

Drive ....

I'm a little late in posting this to the blog , last Sunday I took the .:R32 out to the local exotic car club's Euro Sunday GTG and Drive . Here are a few of the pic's from the morning GTG , Yes there were Ferrari's and Lambo's there but those don't seem as as impressive as the car's pictured below possibly due to nature of them being "production cars"
Very nice Detomasso

Very clean 300zx


Opel .. so clean!

After the morning GTG I went for a short drive with a few of the guys.

After the Euro sunday GTG and drive I took a trip out through Napa and stopped in one of my favorite spot's to get updated pic's of the .:R32

The .:R looks so good in this pic , my new desktop image !


Monday, August 11, 2008

Japanese press .. bicycle club!

Yuki from Bicycle Club was out at SeaOtter and did a story on Nemesis Project for Bicycle club the worlds largest cycling publication , so if you can read Japanese enjoy .

Sunday, August 10, 2008

French Press !

Yoann our French importer / distributer from Bike for Life Import has sent us a copy of the French Ride magazine who had some good things to say about our bikes and Yoann's new company !

I just sent yoann a HUGE box full of Weezy and 2.60 bars so if you are from France and have been waiting for Nem-Pro bars please contact Yoann at Bike for Life Import .

Yosemite !

Garson flew out from Vermont for a few days last week , so we decided to instead of the standard road trip / tour wear we hit as many skateparks and spots as possible in 10 days , we ditch the normal routine and go to Yosemite Nat park for a few days and have a normal vacation.

Before we left we took the .:R32 and my new FATLACE ARC out to the FatLace Hella flush show , it was I hate to say it Hella Fun!! ( thank you Emily for the great pic of me and Garson , don't mind Ron and andy in the pic to the right they get enough nethype! )
So after Hella flush we escaped to our favorite noodle joint in S.F. and got home early so we could get ready to leave for Yosemite ! On the way home I showed Garson a decommissioned government Missle Base that you can drive up too .
The trip itself was awesome , we didn't get too many pic's due to the fires and having NO power in curry village wear we ended up staying most of the trip.

We saw one Bear

Garson found a Rock to ride on !
I took some pictures of my new lil Brown Fixie bike

Congrats TOFF !

Big congrats go out to TOFF who won amature class at the recent Brooklyn Baks contest , with a Nem-Pro bar and stem !
Here's shot of toff reciving his new Dobermann frame from Alan of DOB
Great Job TOFF , hit me up I'll get you anew stem and a set of Weezy's for your new bike!!