Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nemesis Project 700c B-spin forks !

Nemesis B-spin fork
Yes that's right were still forking around here at Nemesis Project .
This time around we have our new 700c Bar-spin forks for all you fixed gear riders out there .

These forks were made for us by Bill and Aaron Groove of Groove Fabrications fame .
If you haven't herd of Groove Fabrications google them or check out this LINK for some history on Groove Fab.

Direct price $300ea powdercoated any color
Ordering info : Email me!
Hand-made at Groove Fabrications
Available in 1" and 1 1/8 steertubes .
Rake : 32mm
Axle to crown : 395mm will not effect steering like a MTB fork will, bike will ride similer to stock fork with a 28c tire!!

Wide upper lugged CX style crown and Thick Dedacchi steertubes and fork legs !
Stainless lower dropout's , dropout faces polished after powdercoat .
Available colors : Same as our handlebar line or any color to match your bike.

These forks are designed to be a nice bar spinable alternative to some of the heavier MTB and BMX forks being used my some fixed gear riders today or if you have a nicer lugged frame and want a fork that will allow you to do tricks without taking away from the style of your lugged bike.

We only have a few of these available , quality is off the charts these forks are amazingly beautiful .
Please Email me! if your interested in ordering one of these forks we have a limited # available and they will be gone very quickly.

Product images :
Overhead view
Nemesis B-spin forks
Stainless dropout detail
Nemesis B-spin forks
32mm offset / RAKE perfect for Bar-spins
Nemesis B-spin forks
Crown detail
Nemesis B-spin fork