Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's go to Japan !

14hrs , 3 beers , 2 crappy meals , watched the new Batman twice , Journey to the center of the earth a few times , Wall-E once and for some reason Kit Kitrage also yea it sucks being stuck in one seat for that long .

Welcome to Japan !
First car I saw after getting off the plane in Japan , Ballar status ! GTR-R34 rollin in style on this trip kids

Mitsu and Takashi checking out the Secret Agent dropout details

Handlebars , Stems and Seats all on display and looking good !

Secret Agent

Deathmobile on display with one of our new KOWA jumping forks

5in Double Agent

Steve Crandall from FBM was in the house across the way at Motocross International , is was good to be able to talk english with another white guy even if it was Crandall ..

Coming this Christmas Finger fixies !

The Colnago booth looked like the freaking Parthanon !

The lobby to my hotel , crazy nice !

One of the art pieces hanging on the walls of my hotel

Friday night after going home a little early from the Tradeshow , I went out to dinner by myself around 9:00 and was able to find a little noodle house right around the corner from my hotel .

I drank allot of beer on this trip !

Dinner Friday night , Miso soup with pork Damm good !

After my noodle bowl experience and some good beer I ventured out to a local convenience store for some after dinner munches , well let's just say the offerings in Japan can be a little different .

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Kona Bean said...

Wow! Great pics! I sure wish I could go to JP! I've dreamed of experiencing the culture in person.
-East Bay Rich