Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloc-28 opening party

Wednesday night was the Bloc-28 artist opening , It was cool to see the other Bloc28 art pieces as well as some of the limited edition product like the custom Washburn guitars and Jewelry by Hon Cholo.
I was able to attend with my friend Emily who happens to school at a very upscale L.A area collage and swears to me she spends most of her time studying , but all her blog shows is hanging at the Bloc28 opening and the Formula Drift finals .. yea Study hard girl!

Here's the Bloc-28 X Nemesis PRoject bike on display , bike looks rad!
Really stoked I was able to be a part of the Bloc-28 series 2 .
Big thanks go out to Les at disney for making this all happen.

This is a one off Nemesis Project X Disney Bloc-28 one off BMX crusier I built for Bloc-28 series 2 , the developmet of this bike has been well documented on this and many other blog's now it currently up for sale on Ebay to help benifit Art share L.A.

Just a small sampling of some of the Bloc-28 art pieces on display .

I got a chance to hang out with Slick ! Super soild guy I have crazy respect for Slick's work. We able to talk about the Bloc-28 stuff and his work with Ford and Danny D on the FLEX project
Wile we were talking both of us got a little distracted by This we both took photos of the girl checking out Slick's work , for some reason Emily didn't understand our instant distraction at first :-/

Slick's piece for Bloc-28 series 1

Thanks to Les and everyone at disney for making this all possible !
Please go check out the Ebay charity auction if you haven't already .

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