Thursday, November 27, 2008

I was just trying to find a parking spot on Pico officer

Well as some of you might know , I have a fasination with totaled super cars .
This one might not fall into the super car catagory but it's a pretyt cool crash so I decided to post it up .
Here are on scean pic's from the .:R32 crash last night in Hollywood at Pico and Robertson .
Guess it went down like this from the stories I have herd , 2 very hawt girls were racing down Robertson last night one in a Porsche Chixter and the other in the White .:R32
The Porsche and the .:R both went around the left just before Pico and the Porsche apexed wide sending the .:R into on coming traffic . So useing its mad AWD skills the .:R32 monstertrucked itself to relitive safty on top of a Camery !
Enjoy the pic's (onsite photos courtesy of MylesPH1 )

They had to pull that ish off with a crane !

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