Monday, November 17, 2008

Japan part #2 !

Saturday I worked the show all morning so I wasent able to get many photos , but I did manage to sell a few frames so it all worked out !
Every morning on my way to the show I passed a huge picture of one of these burgers like 15ft high , on Saturday I had to find the place I could get one . The Zeppin ultimate cheese burger did me right !

Cheese burger , fries and some sort of Orange drink looks the same the world over doesn't it, it was damm good too.
Fries were salty and tasted like mickey d's from the 80's

The end product wasn't bad , tasted like cheese and had some decent grease for a japanese burger 8 out of 10

Saw this super-mini bike on the way back from Lunch

I got to meet the president of TAK-21 ( like BTI for Japan )

A few random shorts from the tradshow .

Vaude had the worlds largest backpack on display so of course I had to play around with it . Who needs a damm hockey bag when you can out your entire complete bike + gear , and your clothes and the kitchen sick in this thing and still have room !

Akebono DH bike super bad ass !

Guess you dont need wide bars to win in Japan

Your Juicy's aint got shizz on these or any other brake for that matter , Akebono these guys make brakes for F-1 cars this is as nice as it get's !

Prototype rear shok , I'm guessing either Akibono or KYB your guess is as good as mine.

Japanese bearing , titanium pivot bolts pure guchi for any bike .

Mini bikes are HUGE in Japan , picture this every possibly type of full sized bike has a mini bike version sitting right next to it with little 20" or smaller wheels on a full sized frame . It really began to trip me out until I road one ! there fun ride and easy to pedal take up 1/4 the space and a few were even folding or full suspension version's that looked like much bigger long travel rigs ..LOL so cute Mini bikes rock!
Kuwahara mini bikes

Pocket DH mini bike

Handbuilt minibike Road

Mitsu from KOWA , Me and Yoshi from TAK-21

The night before I had to leave everyone from TAK-21 , ARAYA , KOWA invited me and Eric from RaceFace out to Dinner at some very posh sushi resturant . There was lot's ofBeer involved so please excuse the lack of photos .

This was hand down the best tasting Sashimi I have ever had , the Maguro ( upper left ) was outstanding it had a flavor I have never tasted before .

The guys from TAK-21 and Araya got me a full plate of TORO , I coulnt finish it all so I shared with everyone else .

After a long night of drinking I needed a few of these the next morning , QOO Rocks !
The next morning I was able to got to the bike show for a few hours before I had to hop a flight back to the U.S.
I tried to do some shopping but the trade-show was consumer oriented so no-one brought much extra product as they wernt allowed to sell anything onsite . I did pick up a pretty sweet MP3 player but more on that in a later post .
After leaving the show I had to jump a few random shuttle busses to get to the right terminal at Narita once I cleared thought customs and immigration I entered every travelers paradise the duty free area , I aint gonna alie I bought some toys but this is what really had me excited !
They had these at the duty free Akihabara Store in the airport , the I-Sobot this little guy could seriously mess up any other action figure or mini robot out there ! something like 300+ moves preprogramed and he moves fast too .
I want one of these little guys for X-mas if santa is listening , oh and I guess the white and blue version is JDM so his voice recognition software is only in Japanese and the Black version is US market and speaks only english .

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