Friday, June 11, 2010

A very sick Quciksilver build

One of our more forgotten or overlooked production frames if you will is the Quicksilver , this is our production GO-FAST bike f you will but these frames do allot more than just go fast they can trick it out with the best of the dedicated FGFS frames out there as well as destroying the competition at your local velodrom or neighborhood ally cat race .
A custom Mike contacted me a few weeks ago , saying he was on his way home from service overseas and needed a new bike to replace his old fixed gear frame and wanted to pick up the last remaining Quicksilver frames we had in stock .
I made sure this bike was at his door within days of him arriving home and here are the pic's of the completed bike .

The build kit features Paul cranks , Mavic comic's and Moots seat post and Stem to achieve some serious drool factor over this very sick bike!
Great build Mike!!!


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