Friday, June 11, 2010

Trackfighter and MASH exhibit photos

Last week I had to drive down to L.A. to pick up a new custom made carbon hood for the .:R32 as well as dropping off a Trackfighter to a customer and stopping by CULT bmx to drop off some handlebars for our good friends over at SOLID bikes .

Our first stop was at Eurogear to grab my hood and to drop off a Trackfighter to our friend Charlie .
Here are a few pic's of Charlie getting his new ride .

Next stop after we went by Cult ( sorry no pic's of CULT BMXHQ ) were Rob-O and Neal Wood were working their asses off to help put another nail in Moeller's coffin. We were greeted with cold bottles of Gatorade and then promptly hooked up with some CULT gear ( I'm sporting the hat in the rest of the pic's .
Our next stop was the MASH tour De California exhibit on LaBrea at the Arkitip / Incase Project space .
This was a amazing gallery exhibit put together primarily by Garrett Chow who is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most talented creative directors in the cycling and design worlds today . I was super stoked to be able to check this out wile it was open .
Garrett also put together a new graphic's kit for the MASH / Cinelli frames their team has been riding for the past year +
this new graphic patter is a histogram pattern of one of the more notable MASH photos of the hills of SanFrancisco .
I got a small preview of this pattern a few weeks ago at the GLOBE 2011 product launch knew this was going to be a instant hit with consumers . From what the girl at the gallery said the limited edition MASH bikes with this sticker kit were in serious hot demand and there were people driving down to the gallery to make damm sure they got their frame.
They even had a 55cm built up as a complete on display - You know this was my size Garrett !!
Easily the only bike that isnt a Nem-Pro I would without question pick up if I had the available funds that day .

No more words - only pictures .

Garrett's bike - seriously bad ass !

Me messing with Garret's bike ... hahahahaha

The Histogram frames and kit's - soooo freaking sick , great job G !

Kit's - a new modern classic

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