Thursday, October 8, 2009

NOS sprocket's / Hello world !


I wanted to post up some pic's these sprocket's , these are true NOS ( New old stock ) this was the first part I designed way back in the mid 90's for my then BMX company Four bike co.
These were are made from 7075 aluminum and hold up great fro Fixed gear riding , so if your looking for a sprocket that will let you run BMX cranks on a Fixed gear bike then these are your hot ticket !
I put a few up for sale on our Ebay page So go check em out !

I also wanted to say Hello to all the visitors from around the world that visit this blog , kinda calling out people I see visit the site like Jay-z does at the end of his shows !
Galicia and Malaga Spain
Jarkata , Indonesia
Caracas , Venezuela
Luton , England
Lima . Peru
London , England
Tokyo , Japan

Big hello to all the local visitors also
Hood River , Oregon ( I'll be up there in the next month , shoot me a email ! )
Greeley , Colorado
Daily city , California
Round rock , Texas
Silver Spring , Maryland
McClenllen , California

Thank you to all that have taken time out of your lives and work days to come visit my blog !!!

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