Friday, September 11, 2009

Bike check : Brad's Quicksilver

It's been a long summer , I apologize for the lack of web updates over the past few months .
As some of you might know already I was in a car accident in my .:R32 earlier this year , which left me commuting as a Cyclist all summer long on my fixed gear . Since I put a few hundred miles on this bike over the past 5 months I thought I'd show it some love by posting a bike check.

Frame : Nemesis Project Quicksilver 55.5cm
Fork: Cinelli Vigorelli
Stem: Nemesis #004
Seat: Nemesis Casino Royal sample
Cranks : Race Face - thanks Julian !
Gearing : 46T - 17t
Front wheel ( cus on fixies you know it's always different than the front ) - MAVIC Ellipse
Rear Wheel : Miche hub laced to a deep V , EA 17t cog
Pedals + cages and straps : MKS sylvan with Toshi double and Tioga NOS power clips and end pulls
Grips: United ( thanks to Dean Hern for these !! )
Chain: Shadow 1/2 link
Seatpost : Kalloy Uno
Tires: F/ Continential R/ Rubino ( ran backwards for better Skids )

Here are a few pic's of the bike I ride every day -
Drive side
Non-Drive side
Nem-Pro stem #004

Sponsor and friends - Thanks to the guys from MASH SF , FatLace , In4Mation and W-base for all your support !!!

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