Friday, September 11, 2009

Current track frame offerings


Here's a rundown of our current Track frame offerings from Nemesis Project , as always if your intrested in ordering any of these frames please Email me! We are always here to help create the bicycle of your dreams !

StarFighter $1250.00

The Starfighter is our in house evolution of the frame we orignally built for our friends over at KidRobot with one of the largest media launches in history for a one of bike , this bike was a star before it ever knew it . To prove this is a REAL track frame designed to be ridden be brought the design back as the StarFighter designed to fight the hype !!
This frame features more of a upright riding position for ease of doing tricks or just being comfortable on long rides with your friends !
Features include
Integrated headset45x45 Campagnolo standard
bladed downtube and chainstays
Nemesis CNC'd track drops
Deddcchi and custom drawn tubes used
Colors : standard and custom color option available

GEO: 74.50 HA
380mm chainstays
Sizes : XSM, SM , MEDIUM , LARGE and XL ( large pictured )
Custom top and seat tube sizes available upon request .

QUICKSILVER track frame $1000.00
Not named after the surf company or the original 60's rock band but YES we too named one of our track frames after a cheesy 80's movie .
Sure numerous other companies have frames named after those kids from Breaking away , but they didn't even ride track bikes in that movie .
Way back on the 80's when I was a young kid I remember this scene from Quicksilver the movie YES they even tricked Fixed gears way back in the 80's
So this was my inspration for creating a bike that could be ridden by messengers , racers and even trick kids .
I feel after a full year of testing that this current version is perfect for all uses .

Features include
Integrated headset W/Gusset at the headtube and downtube intersections
Full TrueTemper tube set
CNC machined micro drops
Tapered rear stays

Designed for tricking as well as racing !
GEO: 74.50 HA
390mm chainstays
Custom seattube and top tube configuration available please Email me! with any questions you may have.

ARC frame
Built exclusively for SF retailer FatLace
Available in White and RAW
Features include
Original Kirin specific Geometery
Smaller tubes for more of a traditional look
1" Headtube
CNC'd Nemesis Track drops
Tapered Rear Stays

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