Thursday, May 15, 2008

Road trip : part #4 The .:R32 VS the rock

Monday after Josh and I left Talent park , we decided to drive up to the top of Mt. Ashland to look over the valley.
On the way up there were allot of rocks on the road and after dodging several of them in the .:R32 I decided to try to straddle one ... next thing I hear is BAMM , I can see smoke blowing out the rear of the car and there's a visible trail of liquid behind me as I'm driving up.
Luckily we wernt far from the top , so I was able to turn the car off before any check engin lights or low oil pressure warnings came on.
What I saw after getting out of the car was really scary 6 quarts of Castrol Synthetic ! at this point I knew I had punched the oil pan and wasent going anywear soon!
After sending Josh home I went into the MT. Ashland Ski Lodge and called VW roadside assistance !
Norm's towing to the rescue !

I have never been so happy to see a flat bed in my life , Norm's towing came up with one of their new 70K$ GerrDan trucks to help get the .:R32 out safley a few seconds later Norm had the .:R32 all locked down and and we were outta there ! I had the .:R32 towed into Lithia VW in Medford the tech who was working on my car even stopped by our booth Saturday during the XC race . So I hooked him up with a T-shirt for taking care of my baby for me .
Here a shot of the oil pan , and a closeup of the damage

After getting the .:R back Tuesday morning went directly over to the local Astro Jet and proceeded to post up in one of their wash bays for well over an hour , I hooked the .:R32 up with the wash and full 5 point detail W/ 2 coats of pure carnuba .

After this 2 day ordeal I decided I owed it to myself to take a lil vacation and drive down the coast throught the Redwoods
Stay tuned for Road Trip : part#5 Brad's Vacation pic's !

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BrooklynMachine said...

Time to weld up a homemade skid out of 3/16"!