Monday, May 12, 2008

Any good jumps in Sac?

I'm always asked this question , are there any good jumps in SAC ? My answer who knows? Jumps on private land and backyard or indoor pump tracks rule the scean now all of the good spots have been torn down long ago 12 acres , the orchard and many many other spots ( not too be mentioned ) have all been plowed . People aint stupid and most of the talented builder's have long since gone underground , I'm not gonna blow up anyone's home spot here on my blog but all I'm gonna say is YES there still good jumps in SAC you just gotta be invited to the spot . The pictures below were taken at a undisclosed location so don't ask cus I'm not telling !
Josh , huge tuck @ height and a classic no-footed can , Josh is rocking a new Deathmobile135 if you look closley you might also notice a very slick Nem-Pro Royal S.Lpivotal in grey Alcantara suede .

Josh mid spin three

Here's a shot of Dave with a no footed one hander , my fault on not snapping this 2 sec earlier .

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