Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Road trip : Part #2 my adventure at Siskiyou cyclery

After arriving up in Ashland Oregon for their yearly spring thaw race I noticed I had forgotten something important , the rear wheel to my Double Agent bike . So after Saturday's XC race Josh and I went over to see Jeff and Sam at Siskiyou cyclery . Upon our arrival at the shop we discovered that Jeff and Sam had my new wheel all ready to go , laced up tight with a new road cassette and Hayes disk rotor , Big props go out to Jeff , Sam and the crew over at Siskiyou for running a tight ship and have everything I needed in stock ready to roll!
Next time your in Ashland I suggest stopping into Siskiyou cyclery it has been one of my favorite shops for a long time , when we stopped in there were some cool vintage items I could not help but too notice like this older Klein Rascal they even had the poster version of my favorite Klein ad featuring Darrell "big bunny" Voss bunnyhopping a log straight out , along with a poster of my favorite moment in cycling Lemond's Tour win against Fignon Greg might be sporting the Oalkey blades but you can still see the fire in his eyes , he really wanted that win and it shows !
After leaving Siskiyou we went back to the hotel and got ready for Sunday's DH race in all the confusion of getting my bike ready that morning i forgot my camera .
Ashland local Jarred Hobbs won and also layed down a new corse record with a time of 4:16.65 , thats really fast for that trail, we also gave away a new Secret Agent frame to Sam Markling the winner of Hartail DH who threw down a time of 4:43.58 ON A HARDTAIL! ( if anyone knows Sam , or Sam if your reading this please Email me so we can get your frame powdercoated for ya!
Stay tuned for road trip part #3 Josh in Talent !

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