Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is "REAL" bike racing !

Watch and learn kids watch and learn , this is what true bike racing looks like !
Greg LeMond's 1989 Tour win over Laurent Fignon , this was after the 1987 hunting accident were Greg was shot and seriously injured , it doesn't get any more real than this . Greg made all this happen on a handbuilt Bottecchia tailor fit to meet his needs as a athlete , custom built bars and helmet all unproven in competition before this day . Greg didn't need proven technology or big team backing , he had the drive and desire to win ! Watch the video you can see the fire in his eyes !

Some of you might ask why the Greg Lemond post on the Nem-Pro site Brad?
Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with 2 world cup downhill racers who shall remain nameless , It was interesting to say the least and I completely understand now why the bottom has fallen out of racing here in the U.S. and soon abroad .
The cyclist like to blame the doping and the scandals , I as a bike manufacture and as a mechanic who had the pleasure of wrenching for racers such as Greg Lemond understand it's not the scandals or the drugs it's the attitudes of the athletes and their current lack luster drive to succeed . It's my observation that the current crop of pro racer's want everything given to them and do nothing in return for these benefits .
I look at the moment pictured above as one of if not the most powerful moment in sport's during my lifetime , sorry kids but you current crop of primadonna racers out there just arnt doing it for us any longer.

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