Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A nice Sunday drive ... how the .:R32 and I spent Easter

I took the .:R32 out for a nice long sunday drive this past weekend, drove out through Napa on HWY 12
Had to get a shot of the .:R next to a Vineyard , I really like this shot.
Along the way I stopped at Carr's Drive-in on HWY 116 to grab some lunch , Great fries !
The guy in the 510 pulled up just as i was getting ready to grab some pic's , the 510 was super clean !

Wile still on HWY 116 I stopped at a cool little country store to grab some snaks for the beach later on.

After a long day of driving I finally made it to HWY1 and the coast sometimes there's nothing more beautiful than the Pacific Ocean!

Hwy 1 the greatest drive on the planet , don't let people tell you different it's #1 for a reason !
Found this turn below and had to grab a shot of the .:R over looking the Pacific and the run of twisties we just ran up. wile I was taking these pic's I threw some props up to the Drift nuts over at FATLACE now it's FatLace turn SON!
This was a epic drive, I took HWY 1 all the way from Fort Ross into Stinson beach , i stopped at one of the marsh overlooks in Tomalas bay and found some creepy little Toy schrine I got scared and realized I had been driving for way too long.
I went into San Francisco and got dinner at my favorite noodle joint after that I drove home .

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