Monday, March 10, 2008

FatLace in store shot's and a cool W-Base toptube pad

FAT-LACE is a super cool shop on POST in SanFrancisco , they carry all the dope stuff from Track frames , to Calvin Wong's guide book on drifting .
Wile I was in the store yesterday dropping off a custom bike I built for one of the owners ( more on that later) a few of the girls from Hot Import nights stopped in , Damm times i wish i had my camera on me .
Here are a few shot's from the store yesterday , it was a super nice day in the city so I didnt snap any pic's these were stolen from Al Lagura's FatLace blog and Al's site Phuck Drifting

Here's a shot of Barry weeding some FatLace stickers for Ron who was working yesterday when I stopped in.

Pic of a Barry checking out the sick Nem-Pro welds in store at FatLace S.F.

When I was at the FatLace store yesterday I was finally able to pick up one of these cool W-Base Toptube pads pads for my new fixie I'm building.

Enjoy the pic's I'll fill everyone in on the mystery frame pictured above in the next few days when it's about to drop.
Stay tuned , Same Nem-Pro time same Nemesis Project blog!

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