Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New bike check ....... Brad's 09" Streetfighter

I built up one of the new StreetFighter prototypes for some riding fun and general testing , all I can say is WOW this bike is everything I have been missing latley light fast and overall a street killer !
Everything the Streetfighter was intended to be , I am very pleased on how this bike rides and how easy it is to execute new school street moves . This bike makes my "mini Ruben lines " to the next level !
Parts spec :
Frame - 09" Streetfighter prototype
Fork - WC 4x pictured , I'm currently runing a prototype KOWA DJ fork . Sorry no pic's of that just yet stay tuned !
Wheels -Industry nine !!
Tires - KHE 24's
Seat - Nemesis Project Pivotal
Post - animal
Pedals - animal plastic
Rear disk - Hayes stroker !
Stem- Nemesis Project
Bars -Nemesis Project 3.25 movinonup bar
Grips - ODI lockon's !!

Thanks to
Mark , Kenny and Ron @ FatLace , Len @ Hayes , Jeff and Brandy from I9 , Mitsu and KOWA suspension , Darcy from Macneil BMX , Omar and Ralph at Animal , Keith at Bicycle Planet Folsom and last but most important Steve and everyone MAAS Brothers powdercoating thank you for taking care of me and helping me get my new bike together you all ROCK!


kenny said...

duude i really really love that bike!

vwsone said...

Brad-it was nice talking to you about bikes via phone/email! i am glad that someone is so passionate about it, and IT SHOWS with your products! Nels