Thursday, September 18, 2008

09" Nemesis Project Handlebar line up .. IN STOCK !!

I wanted to post a full run down of our entire handlebar line up for 09" , for this year we have added the NEW Lil Weezy light bar in 2.25 rise x 27.50 !
Full size Weezy Jefferson moving on up bars as well as standard 2.60" Nemesis Project street bars , and the new 2.25" lil Weezy's are all IN Stock ready to ship in the colors pictured below . We have 10 full in stock colors this year , as well as the option for any custom color to match that custom bike your planing on building we can match any manufactures color !
Price on our bars are $65.00 + shipping ( EDIT NOTE: We have raised the direct price of the bars to $65 per request from our dealers and dist: to help protect their sug retail prices thank you - Brad )
Please Email me! here to place an order for a set of these bars.
We are always here to help , thank you for your continued support for the upcoming 09 soeason !

( listed in order as pictured above )

#3 " Weezy Jefferson , moving on up bar " 3.25 rise x 29.0 width 4 up 9 back total weight 1.6lbs , Same bullet proof True-Temper material huge rise great for your 24" street/skate-park bike or your 26" DJer

#2 "Folsom Prison bars AKA Nem-Pro street bars" 2.60 rise x 29.0 width 4 up 9 back , True-Temper material thicker than the lil weezy's total weight 1.3lbs , the perfect indestructible bar for any bike.

#1 "lil Weezy's " 2.25 rise x 27.50 width 4 degrees upsweep 9 backsweep , made from True-Temper tubes , thinner and lighter than our other bars total weight under 1lb , great for fixies , fans of low stand-over height or normal MTB's

2.25 rise Lil Weezy bars :

Full size Weezy Jefferson 3.25" bars :

Trans over raw

Solid colors

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DirtySyl said...


I'm french riders and I bought a Weezy Jefferson bar with Bike for life import and I love this !!