Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yosemite !

Garson flew out from Vermont for a few days last week , so we decided to instead of the standard road trip / tour wear we hit as many skateparks and spots as possible in 10 days , we ditch the normal routine and go to Yosemite Nat park for a few days and have a normal vacation.

Before we left we took the .:R32 and my new FATLACE ARC out to the FatLace Hella flush show , it was I hate to say it Hella Fun!! ( thank you Emily for the great pic of me and Garson , don't mind Ron and andy in the pic to the right they get enough nethype! )
So after Hella flush we escaped to our favorite noodle joint in S.F. and got home early so we could get ready to leave for Yosemite ! On the way home I showed Garson a decommissioned government Missle Base that you can drive up too .
The trip itself was awesome , we didn't get too many pic's due to the fires and having NO power in curry village wear we ended up staying most of the trip.

We saw one Bear

Garson found a Rock to ride on !
I took some pictures of my new lil Brown Fixie bike

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august said...

Where/when can I buy that frame?! Holy cow!