Saturday, August 30, 2008

Drive ....

I'm a little late in posting this to the blog , last Sunday I took the .:R32 out to the local exotic car club's Euro Sunday GTG and Drive . Here are a few of the pic's from the morning GTG , Yes there were Ferrari's and Lambo's there but those don't seem as as impressive as the car's pictured below possibly due to nature of them being "production cars"
Very nice Detomasso

Very clean 300zx


Opel .. so clean!

After the morning GTG I went for a short drive with a few of the guys.

After the Euro sunday GTG and drive I took a trip out through Napa and stopped in one of my favorite spot's to get updated pic's of the .:R32

The .:R looks so good in this pic , my new desktop image !


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alan said...

Wow .. that's my 300ZX! Thanks for not only taking the pic but posting it up as well.