Friday, February 22, 2008

New Secret Agent dropout's

I try to make it a point NOT to post renderings of new designs on the web blog , but these are a little different .
Pictured below are the renderings of the NEW smaller Secret Agent dropouts .
There has been some discussion that the Secret Agent's rear dropouts are big , in reality there not as big as some of the current crop out rear dropouts that have logo's or crossbones laser cut in them .
There was however room for improvement so here are the new revised production Secret Agent dropout's .
Please post up a comment letting me know what you think .

New dropout

For refrance here how much material we took off the drive side dropout


julien said...

so cut!! They are much better than the old! love it. julien

julien said...

so nice!! they are much better than the old! love it

Iggy said...

that's how they should look :D

Ian said...

Very very nice