Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad luck comes in three's .. 3 legends lost in one week

I was talking with Mike R today and we both came to the conclusion that bad luck does come in groups of three.
With the recent passing of fellow Frame builder , owner of SWD racing and all around great guy ! Steve Delay earlier this week it had most of us here in the Nor-Cal cycling world pretty shook up. Everyone here at Nem-Pro sends out our condolences and prayers to the Delay Family and everyone connected to SWD racing .

If the cycling community wasn't shook up enough after the events earlier this week , Jim Taylor of Jet Lights was killed after hitting a Tree in a skiing accident up at Squaw Valley .
Again our condolences go out to Jim's family and everyone over at Jet Lights , we are very sorry for your loss .

Then if all this news wasn't bad enough legendary custom car builder Boyd Coddington also past away this week . After loosing such a legend as Boyd all I could say was ... Ah hell this worlds coming to a end ! Rest in peace Boyd , you were a true master !

We here at Nemesis Project ask everyone to remember these 3 individuals as the true innovators and craftsman of their industries . Go rip a night ride down your favorite DH trail for Jim and Steve and when your leaving the parking lot , Rip a smokey burnout for Boyd I'm sure they all would have wanted it that way .
Have a safe weekend kids .

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