Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mike Ravizza ... bike check

Over the past year here at Nemesis Project cycles we have put allot of effort into supporting out local race scene here in Nor-Cal. To help continue this support we are sponsoring a local Norba and collegiate racer Mike Ravizza .
Mike's a great kid and really fast on a bike , so we decided to make him something a little special .. So after talking with Mike we developed this bike ... The Special Agent !
This is a one off RACE BIKE , not some flim flam dirt jumper or street bike like your used to seeing from the crew here at Nem-Pro.
This bike features a
22.40 TT
68 HA
71.50 SA
15.50 rear chainstay
with a 12in seattube made with Secret Agent rear dropouts and tubing from a Deathmobile front triangle with changed Geo.
Enjoy -Brad

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