Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dealer spotlight ... PhatMoose cycles

I'd like to start a new section .. Nemesis Project Dealer Spotlight !
This is were we post up a link and some info about of of the many cool bike shops out there that carry Nemesis Project products !
It's only right to start this feature off right with a dealer spot light on PhatMoose cycles
PhatMoose is located in Ottawa Ontario Canada , they have been selling Nemesis Project bikes since we started making Streetfighter frames way back . In fact they were the first shop to place a legitimate order with us !
PhatMoose is run by Dave Mackie and Kent McDougall both great guys who ride and know more about bikes than most bike company owners .
Give Dave and Kent a call there always more than happy to help customers out.
Here's a shot of their retail store.

Nemesis Project stems in every color!!

Nemesis Project Fist-of-Fury loves IN STOCK and ON SALE!!

A full selection of Nem-Pro bars IN STOCK!!!

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