Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You can't miss the Bear!

Last weekend a Bear got caught between 2 oncoming cars in the middle of the Donner pass "Rainbow" bridge , he got scared and did what his instincts told him to do JUMP over the side but reflexes and bear smarts kicked in and he grabbed the side of the bridge i guess and decided that day wasent his day to die . So he toughed it out for a entire day tucked under the bridge waiting for help to arrive ! WTF how smart are these Tahoe bears getting that they know when to chill and wait for search and rescue to come and save them ?

Here's the quote from the Email i received with the pictures below .

"This bridge is on the Old Donner Pass Highway. It has spectacular
Sierra Views and views of Donner Lake and Donner Pass on Route 80.
A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40 at Donner Summit,
Truckee) on Saturday when two cars also crossing the bridge scared the
bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge. Somehow the bear caught
the ledge and was able to pull itself to safety. Authorities decided
that nothing could be done to help Saturday night so they returned
Sunday morning to find the bear sound asleep on the ledge. After
securing a net under the bridge the bear was tranquilized, fell into the
net, lowered, then woke up and walked out of the net."

Back on solid ground , a little groggy but alive . This is one very lucky Bear!!

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spica said...

u dont know, but this bear makes 1 boongie jump per year