Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pet Tiger's and Perfect bikes !

The pictures below were sent to us by our good friend AL C , pictured below is AL's pet Tiger Sultan !
Yea he has a Pet TIGER !! How freaking cool is that ! Now before you go emailing me asking if AL lives with his Tiger? NO that's not the smartest thing to do , you will get your face bit off remember kids Tiger's are wild animals. For this very reason Sultan along with 37 other Tiger's and one Bobcat live at a Tiger rescue society in Texas called Tiger Creek which is set up as a living resort for rescued Tiger's and other large cats , this is very cool to say the least and we here at Nemesis Project want to do everything we can to help endangered animals like these big cats, More on this later ... Stay tuned !

Here are a few updated pic's of AL's DeathMobile in Mocha with matching Nem-Pro bars and URBN Camo Nemesis Stem !
Some of the other components on Al's bike are Paul brakes and lever , Profile cranks and a Thomson seatpost and Deity jump seat.

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