Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nemesis Project Summer tour -

Recently we took the team out for a summer trip out to Yosemite National park .
The trip was a outstanding success with one of the best crew ever !
Our new team had time to ride together and film one of the sickest edits on terrain never seen by FGFS before .
The crew consisted of the following riders after a few last minute changes due to a few of the team guys not being able to make it out for work reason .
Andy Sparks
Ronnie Govoruhk
Kenny "hellachunky" Chuong
Matt Dizon
Cody Thompson
Brad Hodges
Alberto Fox

The trip was supported by FatLace , DVS and S.P.S wholesale without the support from these companies this trip would not have been possible . Please follow these links and show them your support !

I will be posting Tour reports and photo's from the trip over the next few days so check back frequently .
One of the new toys the entire team seemed to be obsessed with is the Iphone APP Instagram
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Here are a few of my favorite Instagram shots from the trip .

Brad in Tahoe

Alberto in action !

Brad's Steveland Cleaner S.L

Nem-Pro bike parking at Lower Yosemite falls

Andy and Matt playing around on a rock .

Andy and Kenny Chillin , DVS represent !

Kenny Rocking his new Nem-Pro Bloody Reaper Tank !

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