Friday, February 27, 2009

KOWA - New machines production Nem-Pro Forks !

I received a few new toys from our friends over at KOWA the other day .
By now I guess it not a huge secret that I have been working with KOWA suspension from Osaka, Japan
For the past year I have been working on the development of a production dirt Jumping fork , similer to the tuned forks we were selling in the past . I wanted to make a few changes to the design we were working with wile also making the forks production . Custom tuning large 3's for forks isn't very cost effective so the logical manor of thinking was to have a fork produced to our spec . After talking with several suspension companies we came to a agreement with KOWA .
The fork you see pictured below is the first version of the KOWA / Nemesis Project production dirt jump fork .
$599.99 suggested retail
480mm axle to crown
CNC'd upper crown
36mm stanchion
Rebound damping
Coil spring
Design for dirt jumping on a MTB
The fork might look a little over built to todays standards , it's not a XC fork by any stretch of the mind .
We designed the crown and lowers to be strong , we didn't want to put our custom's or our team riders lives at risk by producing a product that was inferior or that would break if used for it's intended purpose .
So the chassis might be a little beefy and the fork is a little tall in the axle to crown area.
Considering this for a initial product release we are very pleased with the quality of this product and how it performs for DJ and street application on a freestyle or URBAN Mountain bike .
This will be available in limited # very shortly , please stay tuned to this blog for more updates .

I also received another cool machine from Mitsu at KOWA , Thank you Mitsu !!!!
Hmm wonder what this could be ?
Open the box - to find
A new KOWA spoke cutting and threading machine ... SWEET!!!!!!


Peronico said...

what are you going to do with taht spoke tool, 20" and 24" spokes outta dt swiss 26" spokes?
Beautifull tool Brad! i envy you!
Cheers from Argentina!

Jan said...

Just tried this fork for the first time on the weekend and it rocks! Brilliant feeling fork and I love the solid-ness of it.

Only part I'm a little stumped on atm is finding the right adapter to use for my 160mm rotor on the front. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. The manual just says you need a "special" adapter and my Avid adapter I was using (on my Zocchi's) is not doing the trick.

This fork is making me wonder about the longer travel KOWA's... :)